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I have been having an issue with reloading auto pistol cartridges for use in like chambered Revolvers. I have a S&W 610 (6.44 inch barrel) that shoots 10mm or .40, and a Taurus 905 (Short barrel) that shoots 9mm luger.

When I am at the range I will test any new loads/ powders in my hi point, after everything looks good I move on to other semis and the revolver. with the 610 shooting.40 about one round in 50 goes poof with a quiet report and the bullet is lodged down the barrel or launched at a very unimpressive rate of speed. In some cases the powder does not burn in others the powder burns off and still the bullet is in the barrel.I am wondering if anyone has the same problem, I am wondering if I should load a little hotter than starting loads (of course UNDER Never Exceed load) for use in revolver due to cylinder gap or what.

At first what I thought was happening is that when I loaded the full moon clip up that the recoil of the first few rounds would cause the remaining bullets to work their way out of the shell and therefore lower the starting pressure to a point that would cause this condition. However I have resorted to loading one round only and going into single shot mode and I have the same problem.

Any pointers in this situation?
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