Reloading brass and lead ingots for casting.

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  1. Have for sale brass from a indoor range. Machine sorted and hand inspected. None of the brass is tumbled. Mixed HS and 90% is brass 10% nickel. 45 brass has been sorted and all are LP.
    9mm 3.2 cents per.
    40sw 3.2 cents per.
    45acp 7.0 cents per.
    223 7.0 cents per. mostly FC and LC HS
    38 special 7.0 cents per.
    380acp 8.0 cents per.

    Lead ingot for casting from range scrap around 8-10BHN 65lbs shipped for $75

    All prices are + shipping usps flate rate. Accept postal money orders or paypal + paypal fees (generally approximately 3%).