Reloading components may not be mailable through post office

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    No, brass and bullets are NOT inert ammo. Inert ammo is a complete round of inoperable ammunition. Now the polypropolyne replica RPG's, rifles etc that many junk catalouges are selling to the wanna-be's do fall under this.


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    The lawyers for the GOA seem to think that a broad interpretation could include spent brass and possibly other components. And if you think about it 2 ways of rendering ammo inert are firing it (spent/empty brass) or dissasembing it (seperate components), again from a broad interpretation.
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    Hmmm, I have recieved lots of ammo, but now I think of it, it was shipped UPS.
    No haz-mat required because even in 1000 rounds there is very little powder or primers.
    When I got my Haz-Mat cert. for truck driving, anything under 200 lbs wasn't reportable, unless it was certin things. But primers and powder were not on that list. The rest of it is just brass, copper and lead. The UPS guy was grunting up the stairs with my ammo and I explaned that there was less than about a 1/4 lb of propelent in the whole case. The weight was in the LEAD bullets.

    I have also recieved shot gun shells by mail order. I don't remember if they were in the mail or UPS.
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    I know of local shooters having the $8 usps box (anything you can fit into the box ships for $8) having their bulk CAS bullets (projectiles) being shipped this way.