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Unique is one of those powders that works in just about any handgun cartridge and you will find a very wide assortment of load data for it in all the calibers you mentioned. It does burn a little of the dirty side, mainly a sooty residue, but works well for plinking and range loads.

The only problem I have noticed about Unique is it does not meter well in the Lee Auto Disk system due to the large flat flakes. I have been weighing each charge by hand until I can find a better way to meter Unique or another good all around powder for mild range loads.

Currently I am loading .44 Special and 9mm using Unique and HP-38, both powders are loaded in the starting to mid load range because I am using Berry plated bullets in both calibers. My C9 and Taurus M-Pro 9mm digested Unique and HP-38 just like factory loaded ammo. When using the Berry or Rainier plated bullets you can get some really mild shooting range loads with either powder using low/mid jacketed data for the Berry's or lead data for the Rainiers.

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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