Reloading really works

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  1. I always saw reloading as a pita, but i finally bought he lee anniversary kit, and got to it. With alot of great advice from people on the forum, i Sucessfully fired my first batch of 100 at the range. They preformed flawlessly. Not one ftf, fte, or chambering issues. Now i dont understand why everyone doesnt reload. I expirimented with 4 different loads and i found one that my browning and my 995 love.

    Thanks guys.
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    The reason is time and perceived safety. Many people do not want to keep primers and powder in their homes. They are intimidated by the possibility of a safety mishap when reloading. For casual shooters it is easier for them to go to walmart and buy them. Regular shooters do it to save money and to make more accurate ammunition. For me shooting and reloading is my relaxing, unwind time. I have more fun reloading then I do shooting. When you start tailoring your loads to your specific gun and watch group size get smaller it gives you the ultimate sense of satisfaction. Also when I load for .223 or .308 I use different brass head stamps for each weight of bullet. For instance:
    Rem - 45 grain
    Fed. - 50 grain
    Win - 55 grain

    This way I know if for some reason if they get mixed up I know what bullet weight each round is.

    I am very happy you enjoy reloading. In time you will grow to love it. Find an old-timer who has been doing it for a long time and they are a wealth of information.

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    With the cost of factory ammo only going up, I would think that anyone interested in shooting in future would at least have the provisions now to load their own ammo. Even if they don't intend to reload now, at least be able to somewhere down the road. I'm talking a basic reloading outfit, some components and a few bullet molds. That way they could continue to buy ammo till the price/availability was something they can't/won't bear, then they could break into reloading. kinda like a fallback at the very least.
  4. Virgil,

    Congrats man! The longer you reload the more you will want to load for. A few years down the road and you will have collected a pretty decent array of loading equipment and accessories. Eventually you will wonder how people get by with shooting factory ammo in their guns.

    I really enjoy loading my own ammo. I am a tinkerer by nature so reloading is right down my alley. I probably spend more time with load development than I do loading a set load. Once I find a load that works well I tend to move on to another bullet/powder combo and try and get it figured out...LOL!
  5. All I know is that this subject has totally opened up a completely facinating aspect to shooting that I previously didn't know existed. Add that to bullet casting, and I am gonna be shooting all the time. Can't wait to get home and get back cranking out the rounds.
  6. I used to reload shotgun shells all the time when I was a kid. (Family night was going trap shooting!!!!) I am just now getting into metallic reloading and I can't wait. This is going to be so fun!!!!!!
  7. I also enjoy the experimenting for the "perfect load" for a given gun and reloading is also my downtime. relaxing and unwinding time.
    I wouldn't say it is better than actually shooting but they are darned close.

    Oh, and I do save alot of money in the process and get very accurate rounds.

    Saving money = more reloading time (relaxation) and more range time (fun).
    Then there is the joy of shooting your home grown ammo and seeing it perform to your expectations and that is priceless.