Reloading stuff wanted.

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  1. Ok guys i need reloading stuff! I have nothing but tons of brass screaming to be reloaded. If anyone has some stuff they would like to unload please let me know my main concerns is 9mm, 45acp, and 223. My uncle was doing all my reloads for me but he has been busy with work and doesnt have much time so i need my own stuff! anything and everthing is wanted. I will pay cash or trade i have a ton of stuff so just ask odds are i probally got what you are looking for! I also have a Fred bear white tail elite compound bow package i would be willing to trade! It has been used very little. it has 80 pound draw and about 60% let off thanks guys!
  2. Sakdog

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    I would suggest the Lee anniversary breech lock kit of course .... Im partial to that.. (Just bought one) but its a great package

  3. Thats the kit i will get if i have to buy it but i was hoping to get a deal from the other guys first..................
  4. Ari

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    I would say to get this kit too as there is not anything really to compare with it right now. Sometimes with reloading it is good to go with new gear as that way you know for sure what you have.
  5. Cant go wrong with an anniversary kit. Thinking about getting one just to have a single stage for rifle cartridges that I don't plan to load in bulk.
  6. biganimal

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    what ya got to trade.................I have a lee safety scale, 223 dies(lyman), powder measure (lee) me for more
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    I have the following reloading gear that I was going to put on Ebay:
    * rcbs jr press
    * Lyman Spartan Press
    * Ohaus 505 Scale
    *Rcbs 1010-10 Scale
    * Lyman 7 Scale
    * RCBS Case Trimmer
    * RCBS Rockchucker
    I have dies:
    45acp, 38/357, 30-30, 41 mag, 30 carbine, 9mm, 44mag, 30-06, 380acp, 32 win, .243. 7mm, 8mm plus many more. All dies are RCBS, Lyman Orange. PM me what exactly you are looking for and what exactly you have for trade. If not I will be putting all the reloading stuff on ebay after new years. I have much more than this. Thanks,
  8. I will take the .30-30, and 7mm dies unless someone has aleady spoken for them... Will send you a PM Jarhead.
  9. Jarhead1775

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    The following dies have been spoken for:
    7mm, 8mm, 9mm Luger, 30-30 and .45 acp.
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    what would it take to get the 380?
  11. masfonos

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    I've got a Lee Hand Loader kit for 9mm. It's kind of a pain to do it that way, but kind of fun to have that much of a hands-on involvement with your ammo.

    Let me know if you're interested and I'll check the going prices.
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    Will start a new topic.