Reloading the 4595TS

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by RogueRat, Dec 12, 2015.

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    Does anyone out there reload for their .45 ACP Hi Point carbine?? Would appreciate some specific guidance on powder types for the 4595TS carbine. Good, bad etc.
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  2. moona11

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    I reload all of my ammo. I like Tite Group. Its easy to find around here.

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    If it wasnt for reloads none of my guns would get shot, I reload everything except 22lr and shotshells, And in the past and at the present im using bullseye but have other powders on hand for when i run out just havent used it yet.
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    I reload for everything I own too. My question was specific to the 4595TS .45 ACP +P carbine as I just got one and I'm not certain what powder to use. I've been told that the slower burning powders are best. The Sierra Bullet reloading book lists AA No. 5 and Unique for the 185 gr. JHP bullet.
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    i just load for the average 45acp dont have a need for the +p stuff usually use a 200 grain cast boolit was using a swc but changed over to a 228 rn cause some of my other guns didnt like to feed the swc
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    I just load midway. Any More is a waste for plinking.
  7. After sighting in my 4595 with some store boughts, and then putting the remainder of a couple of boxes (50 rnd each) down range. I shot about 20 rnds of 230 grn LRN Hi-Tek coated with Bullseye. They worked excellent for the carbine and for me. Nice thing about the coated bullets: load'em with the lead recipes, but there is no lead to bore contact. As stated above, I too, couldn't afford to shoot as much as I do without reloading. Worked up some 200 grn SWC, also BE, also Hi-Tek coated, that I plan to try the next time I'm out. Good luck!

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    NE Utah
    With the 17.5 inch barrel, with slower powder you can probably get +P velocity without +P pressure.

    The books out there are all looking at 3-5 inch barrels, probably, so you're going to be doing some testing to fine tune your load. Good news's fun.;)

    RogueRat, huh? As in the River in So. Oregon? I used to live in Medford.
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    Yup. Grants Pass. Been here since 1978. Wouldn't live anywhere else. Too old to move again anyway.

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    :welcome: RR!

    I am working on a 28 round drum mag conversion for the 4595,
    the drums are about $50 and made for the 1911. Pix coming UP!
  11. I use Auto Comp real consistent loads.