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  1. I think it would be great to have a forum on reloading ammunition seems to be a lot of guys who reload on here. :)
  2. +1

    A reloading forum would be awesome because we are getting a lot of new folks who reload and a lot of new guys are getting into it due to the rising cost of factory loaded ammunition.

    The ONLY issue with a reloading forum is at this time we do not allow powder charge data to be posted to open forum due to liability issues. This would require a the moderators to keep a close eye on that section but in my opinion it would be worth a little extra effort.

    Dumping the Paint Ball/Air Soft section to create a Reloading Forum would work for me and I would be willing to monitor each and ever post daily for charge data posted in open forum.

    What do you think Jones? Worth a shot since we are getting lots of reloaders to the forum?

  3. You could have a header stating that this is for informational purposes only and should not be used as a training or how to guide. This should take all liability away from the admins and mods. :)

    And replacing the paintball/air soft section with a reloading section would be cool because the paintball/air soft doesn't seem to be to popular to the forum users
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    I don't see them alowing this as they would not let someone else sell a product that did not explode or burn and had no explosive properties that can cause pphysical harm and possibly kill someone.

    But hey you never know.
  5. We don't wanna sell anything, we just wanna talk about it no harm in that :)
  6. Talking about reloading on the forum is not a problem. Posting powder charge weight data to open forum is prohibited, so if you wish to share charge weight load data with other members you can do so in PM, e-mail or chat.
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    +1, as it may encourage more reloaders to start the craft.
  8. Well, I will make an executive decision here, and ADD reloading to the Paintball/Soft Air forum and see how much traffic we get.

    Sound fair?
  9. Reloading area is now located in the Paintball/Air Soft section on a trial basis. Please read the Sticky I posted concerning reloading threads before you make a reply or new thread post.
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    OK guys please forgive my 2AM responce. I completly misunderstood or was just plain retarded. Most likely the second.

    Any way some how I thought you were wanting a forum to sell and trade reloads.

    Yea that Thay sure is a scientist. What a Dumb _ _ _.

    Yea as for the one stop info page it sounds great as the brilliant people like that Thay could get a grasp on reloading and maybe just maybe help him talk his wife into allowing him to start to get into it.
  11. very fair :)
  12. I believe my contributions may have added a little traffic to the reloading section. What does PrimalSeal think? 8)