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i been reading this form and others. for those of you how do not reload The question is why?? I see a lot of gripes about ammo prices getting it etc. I relies a lot do not understand it but for the price of couple boxes of say 44 mag ammo you can get the basic equipment you need to reload ,then you will never have to go to wally world and complain about no ammo. To be proficiency with a fire arm you have to have to shoot it a lot. My wife got a ruger sp101 about a year ago I took 300rounds out to the range to test it shot it all in one day .the cost was about 15.00 bucks total I got my hp 45 took it out burned up 225 rounds in the next day cost about 20.00gotanother 250 waiting till fri afternoon. Reloading will open up a whole new world ot you load a 10mm down no problem turn a 44 mag to a kitten easy 38spl +p+ easy i would be willing to assist you be email if you need it. I got a large number of firearms including two wildcats I have never not had ammo for any. Thanks for you time
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