Reloads for 30/30 Marlin

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  1. I've been reviewing several topics on reloading (and i'm not even close to be ready to try this) and besides the great saving i'm seeing, is it safe to use reloads? I'm picking up my toy today, and have check out a couple of sites to see what rounds would cost me, and the reload prices are dirt cheap. Has anyone used reloads with their Marlin's? Also, can you store reloaded "bullets" like any other ammo? I've seen links for a few sellers, and wanted to know who has positive experience from any of these sellers?

    p.s. my dad always told me, "the dumbest question is the one that isn't asked."
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    If you pay attention, reloads are perfectly safe... If you don't pay attention, reloads can become very dangerous in a hurry!

    Storage for reloaded ammo is the same as factory ammo--cool and dry.

  3. I have shot a LOT of 30-30 reloads thru several Marlin 336 lever rifles and never had any issues. Only thing I advise is stick with jacket type bullets because they work best with the Marlin Micro-Groove type rifling. Cast bullets can be used too but you need to keep the velocities down on the low end to avoid excess leading in the Micro-Groove barrels.

    The beauty of the Marlin lever action is that its built like a tank and can take some pretty hot book loads. You will often see Marlin/TC/Ruger ONLY loads when browsing reloading manuals, these are fairly hot loads and intended for use in modern guns with strong actions like the Marlin/TC and Ruger's.

    I currently own a Marlin 1894 .44Mag lever rifle and love it. I can do everything I need to do with this rifle, everything from hot .44Mag loads to very mild .44Special range plinking loads. If it were not for the 1894 I would definately have a Marlin 336 in 30-30.
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    In the old forum there was a topic about loading 30-30 to about the same specs as the 308. That would sure give the ole 30-30 new legs.
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    Most marlins cant take pressures that duplicate 308 ballistics. Thats why they developed the 308 marlin.

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    30-30 Reloads

    A point to remember is that pointed bullets are not to be used in a tubular magazine! Round or flat nose only. There is wide selection of bullets available that will fill your needs so don't let that stop your selection.
  7. Thanks for the info everyone..!!
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    Re: 30-30 Reloads

    Even some round nose ammo states on teh box that it isnt intended for use in tubular magazines. I stiack to flat point only. Ive seen what happens when a tube mag blows and it aint pretty.

  9. That new "Lever Revolution" ammo is pretty sweet. I tried some in my Marlin .30-30 and it shoots good, good accuracy and it's not too damn expensive if you're using it for hunting game. Other than that, casting bullets for a .30-30 I'll be using flat nose or round nose molds, end of story. God knows what would happen if a primer popped in the tube mag. Honestly, I'll take SW's word for it.
  10. Thanks for the info Primal..
  11. Anything I can do to help dude.
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    Not the one i witnessed but very similar results. This one when the round fired the mag detonated and pinched the barrel, resulting in the bannana peel effect. destruction all around no matter how you look at it.


  13. WOW is the guy still alive?
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    the one i personnalt witnesses he survived. The one above i dont know. The only time i ever saw someone badly hurt by a KB was when i helped run a trap club. A guy loaded a 20 ga round in front of a 12 ga round in a beneilli nova. Teh reciver split and one half smashed into his face. He survived but it mangled him pretty bad.

  15. Eff a bunch o' that!!!!
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    I reload for my marlin 336. I usually use xx.x grains of Alliant 2400 for reduced loads using commercial lead 165 g FN bullets or about 2*xx.x of IMR 4350 for Jacketed loads.

    The lead bullets shoot at 1600 fps and the jacketed at 2200fps.

    When sizing the brass. make sure that you bell the case opening if you are using lead. I push them in to the crimp groove.

    My gun is a pre-safety Marlin with the microgroove barrel. I can shoot almost any number of rounds without significant leading.

    The lead rounds can be reloaded for 14 cents plus the brass the jacketed rounds are about 23-25 cents per round.
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