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    hey again 8) another question...any of you used reloads on the 45? i know they are not recommended and i've heard the horror stories...but i know a guy WHO KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING :) just curious if any of you used them before
  2. well i run reloads in all my guns when i go out plinking me and my father have our own reload set-up. I have not really had that bad of a time with them. I would not say that its something that I trust with my life but out at the range or on the ranch its great.

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    I run my own reloads thru my 45 ACP but I don't mess with the load data either if it say's____then that's what it gets ___. No more no less. I've had no problems firing reloads.
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    Wait, "not recommended"? Is that for .45s, or what? This is the first I've heard of reloads being "not recommended"... But then I have the 9mm. I've shot hundreds of reloads in my C-9, and 995 with no problems.
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    Probably every firearms mfg says they do not support the use of reloaded ammunition. It's a liability thing. What are the chances of a machine made Federal HS round being double charged, as opposed to Joe Blow in his garage. And who is gonna end up sued if the latter fails?
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    Right. I'm with you now, I was thinking this was a forum advice thing. Yeah, you're right, nearly every manufacturer says they don't recommend reloads. That doesn't mean reloads are necessarily a bad thing. Just, like you said, a liability thing.

    Hi-Points are rated for +P+ ammunition. While that's not a double load by any means, that's a pretty freaking hot load. If you're careful, and follow the recommended load data, you can make some very nice loads, that will be more consistent, and reliable than factory ammo.
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    I have to second what uraijit said.
    I plan on reloading my old brass myself, and shooting them in what I currently own. BTW, I think the whole "Loads etc" about reloading is not presented here. I might be mistaken with the new site.
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    thanx for all the feedback :)
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    UI shoot lead reloads in both my 45 and my 9. No problems
  10. There are factories that sell reloaded ammo, so its not a matter of it being reloaded. The thing is to make sure that whoever is doing it for you is good at it so gun not go boom.

    I am saving my 9mm, .40 and .45 brass and intend to start reloading sometime in the future. We do not know how prices will go for new ammo so it never hurts to have a plan B :D
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    I was talking with my local Gun Dealer again both himself and his wife stated that ammo is prob going to go up again in Jan. The shop owner's both noted costs soaring due to the war and Chineese Raw material hoarding.
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    That's why I went with the Lee Anniversary Kit. There is info under the caliber zone on the reloading stuff.
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    I have shot many thousands of my reloads through my Hi Points without an issue. If you are a newbie at reloading, learn the right way be safe and use yer head and you'll be ok.
  14. I dont use other people's reloads in my guns, but I will use those I reload or commercial reloads from reputable companies.

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    The comments made about no reloads by manufactuerers and distributors are meant to cancel out liability concerns. Just like glock says no lead in polygonal barrels. Ive shot tens of thousands of relaods with only a few minor failures. The one massive reload failure i expierenced was with ultramax ammo. A bad 9mm case ruined my like new beretta 9000S

  16. GlockMan

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    No problems with reloads here