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  1. August

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    What about reloads?
    Ever shoot em?
    Any good buys on line?

  2. what about em? they're cheap and good

    sure, every time out. I've shot/loaded 1800 for my 4095.

    natchez and midway, graf and sons, etc.

  3. FYI: We have a reloading forum (read the terms and conditions) :). Reloads are fine as long as you trust the person loading them. I usually wait to shoot my buddy's .45 reloads until he shoots some from the same batch through his Kimber Custom 1911 lol (just kidding).
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    I reload for my c9 & kal-tec and soon 995. Found some cheep bullets at Missouri bullets. $60.00 for 1000 including shipping. So for a box of shells, now it's about five bucks. $3.00 bullets, $2.00 primer, and $0.50 powder. 'bout as cheep as it gets. Untill I can get my casting rig setup.

  5. Thanks for the name of the Missouri Bullet Company.

    They have some very good prices.