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Reminder: Mags Are Going Fast.

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I'm posting this here because carbines most benefit from hicap mags, but it could apply to any firearm HiPoint sells-- Redball mags are starting to disappear through the main channels. Hi-Point has (for the moment) sold out of 9mm Redball. 45acp Redball is still available. Picked up a few more on impulse, but if you haven't yet, this is probably your final stop before that train leaves the station. They're specialized enough to where I don't see them easily traded later.

Best of luck.
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I hope full capacity magazines do not become illegal in the future. Ten round crippled capacity magazines stink for long guns when you could have twenty to thirty-two round capacity instead. What I want now is more rifle ammunition that is very difficult to find at less than a $1 per shot now.
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