Remington 115gr JHP 9mm

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    Went to my local Bi-Mart to pick up a box(25) of Hornady 124gr JHP/XTP. Unfortunately they were sold out. So I bought a box(50) of Remington 115gr JHP for 9mm for $16. Does anyone have any experience with this ammo? It was inexpensive so I picked some up but would like to know how they perform compared to higher priced hollow points.
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    Their pretty much all I run through my 9VE and 995. Seems to work better than the WWB with more consistency in production. And they're fairly cheap.

  3. I usually buy the boxes of 100; I like it better than the WWB even though it's a few dollars more. I've read some tests on the web stating that it expands pretty well, but not as well as some of the higher-quality ammo, so it's not my first choice for carry. It is what I keep the mags for my 995 loaded with. However, to be honest, I'll use anything if it's cheap--Surplus(even if it's corrosive), Wolf, (Color) Bear, whatever. That means I sometimes buy WWB for plinking/practice because it's cheaper.
  4. Never had a problem with UMC 115gr JHP's in any of my 9mm's. It makes a great training round if your carry ammo is of the same weight and bullet design and that is what I use it for due to the cost difference.

    Only complaint I have with UMC ammo is it seems to produce more sooty fouling than WWB and is slightly less accurate in my guns.
  5. It's very dirty-burning, and the jacket/slug design isn't conducive to it staying together. Fired through 6" of red clay it completely fragmented, the jacket hanging on the plastic bag on the exit hole.
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    use it in all my 9mm and love it test show good speed and expansion
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    I like good cheap ammo, cuz if I have to use it..... it's still gonna hurt on the other end.
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    Is it UMC or Express 9MM1?
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    I have read generally positive reports on tests using the remmington JHPs found in the 100 round value packs. From what I understand they are essentially the bullets that were top of the line several years back.

    Sure, they may not be "the best" available today, but bullet designs today are generally so much improvded over what was available a dozen years ago it's often a matter of splitting hairs.

    We all know a .22 can kill. A better bullet simply helps componsate for poor shot placement (except for cases where it resolve prior design flaws, such as denim clogging).

    I am leaning towards simply standardizing on these Remington bullets. Cheap enough I can use them for target practice and good enough to use as a carry round. I think that *combo* makes them a very good overall choice.
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    Plus one to that Carbin8r
    shoots good in all the 9mm I own and good enuff to carry so it makes a good (cheap) round that I can stay in shape with and am still shooting the same thing I carry
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    sorry double post :oops: :oops: