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    I have a Remington 522 Viper that I got for Christmas brand new when i was in grade school and i love the gun, it has thousands of rounds through it and has been extrememly reliable no matter how dirty it gets...but i only have the original factory 10 rd mag. Some orignal mags can be found but they are outrageously priced and remington doesnt make them any more either, anyone have any idea if there is some sort of universal style .22 mag that might fit? Am i just out of luck and stuck with paying to much for an extra couple of mags or is there anything out there that might fit wether it be a mag from another brand of gun or universal. Just curious, would like to be able to shoot the thing without reloading it every 10 rounds and dont really wanna pay 30-50 bucks or better for a .22 mag like i am seeing them listed.