Remington 550-1

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  1. planosteve

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    Finally picked up the 550-1 from my mom's house. Here is what I know about it. From the date code it was made in November of 1951 and spent most of its life in my grandfathers pickup. There is some surface rust and a bit of pitting on the barrel and mag tube. The stock has some dings but is in pretty good shape. It is missing the deflector but I am not too worried about that.

    My younger brother did not want it as he stated that it kept jamming, so it is mine now.

    It was dirty, the barrel wasn't bad but the mag tube and the action looked like they had never been cleaned or oiled. I blasted the action with gun scrubber and it looked like used motor oil coming out of it. Well I fixed that and now the action and trigger work smooth, but I need to get to the range with it along with the J.C. Higgins model 30. I will let you all know how that goes.

    Here are some pictures. As I am evil (not Evil) :lame: I put the 22 ammo I scored last week in the picture. Some of this will go to the lucky winner of the ammo give away.

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  2. RedRaptor22

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    Feet in picture...check!

    Looks fairly nice, have my dad's old remington .22 pump torn down at the moment, probably a sister gun to that one, haven't checked the age though.

    From what everyone says the old remington rimfires where pretty good shooters.

  3. planosteve

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    I can't wait to try it with the sub-sonic ammo, it should cycle reliably.
  4. RedRaptor22

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    No experience with the semis, but I know the pump has a tendency to spit the whole tube of ammo out in hysterically funny fashion when it gets too dirty lol.

    The auto should not do that hopefully lol.
  5. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Very cool! They started making them in 1941, stopped in '70.

    Mine shot well, pretty accurate, good trigger.

    I can't imagine how a tube mag could lose its bullets, unless the inner tube comes undone and falls out the front?
  6. planosteve

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    There is a small dent in the mag tube about half way down. It makes it a bit tight but I don't think it will effect the function. Hope to take it out tomorrow and see how it does.
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    You've got a much better family heirloom than the usual knicknacks.
  8. RedRaptor22

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    With the pump at least, when you rack it open and the elevator drops it'll sometimes let all the rounds fly up into the action and out the side instead of just grabbing one round like it should.