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Remington 7600

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My wife bought a slightly used Remington 7600 30-06 for me this summer for my first hunting season. From what I can tell, she made a good choice and paid a fair price. Anyway, it looks like it came out of the box except for the decent Nikon Bushmaster scope that he installed.

2 questions. I am a gun noob so bear with me. I am going to need to install sling mounts if I want to get a sling, correct? Slings don't come with mounts, right? Is this something I can do or should I have someone else do it? Can I buy them online or from some place like Dick's?

Second, anybody have one that can recommend other accessories? My primary use will be hunting deer.

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Called the local gun shop. That's one type he won't install the screws on because he said with the gloss finish (synthetic stock) they are prone to chipping and they are hard to get in straight without a jig. Anyone have any experience with that? He also said it was a kit with a barrel band? The Uncle Mikes I was looking at doesn't seem to have a band (http://www.tjgeneralstore.com/rifle_swivels.htm - Uncle Mikes Swivel Set for 760 and 7600).
this is what you want:


the gunsmith installed it on my post 1968 remington 7600 synthentic stock just fine without any modifications. the gun shop i bought it from also installs them all the time. i have no idea why they say it is only for 68 and older models.
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