Remington 878 question

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    I've recently inherited a Remington 878 autoloading 12 gauge. It's not really worth much (maybe $200) so I'm thinking of changing a few things around.

    Now here's the question. Since this shotgun was the predecessor to the Remington 1100, do any of you know if the accessories for the 1100 (or maybe the 870) will fit the 878? Pistol grip from ATI? Weaver scope mount? Side saddle? Anything?

    I've looked at pictures of the 1100's receiver, and I think the side saddle or scope mount may fit from looking at the screw placement, but I'm not really sure about much else.

    After I get the gun actually in my possession, I can probably evaluate the stock situation better, but I'm hoping there's somebody with some knowledge of this little known shotty.

    Here's an example of what it looks like, although the one I'm getting doesn't have the padded stock

    Thanks in advanced guys,