Remington R51 Saga

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  1. Will the R51 survive & continue on? I've been following it recently, but it's very confusing. :confused:
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    This will make my post long enough.

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    I had high hopes for the R51. I love it's looks, and it's based on its historic ancsetor the Model 51, it should have been a success. Those guys at Remington could mess up building an anvil.
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    I hope it makes it, some have been successfully re-habbed and
    are still in the hands of happy owners. If Remington discontinues
    the model, Kirk will be so sad! :( :wah:
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    You have just broke Kirks heart bad guys.
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    It's still in their catalog. It's still on their website. They showed it at last SHOT.

    If they've discontinued it, they've done the worst job of communicating since the weatherman told the Titanic that there may be some freezing conditions ahead.

    My take on it is that they're trying to rehab their image with the RM380 before coming back out with the R51. I really suspect that after the RM380 comes out next month that they'll let that take some focus for a bit and then quietly sneak the R51 back into distribution. If the RM380 is as solid as all the testers/reviewers seem to think then the positive press will help make up for the fiasco of the R51 not-quite-recall and will take the blogger-wannabe-experts attention.

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    I hope so..... Still a cool looking gun, and would be something I'd seriously pick up as a second 9
  8. undeRGRound

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    I'd snag one too!

    Kirk, is the RM380 the new version of Rohrbaugh which they just acquired?
    That would be a great one, as well! :dance: :llama:
  9. lklawson

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    Yep. That's the one.
  10. RobbK

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    Roubaugh hated to have their guns shot I hope remington fixes that
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    IIRC, one tester put 500 round through his tesr gun straight, in one continuous go. Had a team loading mags for him.

    Torture tests of (supposedly) production line RM380's (not tuned, hand-fitted, pre-production guns):



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