Remington's advice on buying used firearms - a GOOD read!

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  1. Very good information. All but a few of my firearms have been used. BUT with that being said I have done a lot of what Remington has recommended.

    The local shop I buy from allows me to inspect the firearm as much as I want without totally disassembling it. I check for wear and also for any loose or missing parts. I observe the screws for marks from where it may have been disassembled before. I examine the barrel and other parts as much as I can before buying.

    Once I have purchased the firearm the very first thing I do is take it home and disassemble it, inspect all the parts and give a through cleaning.

    Then it is off to the range.

    Buy used firearms is just like buying a used car. You really have to check them out before buying. Either one can kill or injure.