Repair turnaround time?

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    Hello everyone. Just curious. What's the turnaround been lately for repairs to the C9 pistol? Best, DT Willy
  2. Three months ago: 2 1/2 weeks. And this was for a complete rebuild. Just one data point.

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    Thanks. That's not bad at all.
  4. Here's another turn around to base on: I shipped my totally jacked (user caused, not the C9's fault) C9 to Beemiller on Dec 21. Almost a week for shipping (UPS ground), plus the week they were off between Christmas and New Years. I just recieved it today with a hand written note from their gun tech and an extra mag. I shipped it to them with the Hogue grip still on and they shipped that back to me too! I figured they'd just cut it off. The only thing that was salvageable was the barrel. They replaced everything else including the frame, like I said, totally jacked! WOO HOO!!!!!!!! Thank you Hi Point!!!!!!!

    As continued support, I'm gonna buy me another C9 this weekend!!! Yay!!!
  5. Well...lets put it in a mathematical equation, shall we?

    C9+DummyRound+1000xfriction multiplier/brass cleaning rod+hammer x concrete floor=?
    Give up? Well all those things alone are relatively harmless, but when you work out the equation and then add me, then you get a C9 that had a dummy round jammed in the chamber, which I tried to extract with a shotgun cleaning rod and a hammer whilst I had the slide locked to the rear. Ended up shearing off the little polymer extension that the safety rotates on, bending the safety switch all to crap, bending the slide notch, and cut a big divot out of the frame with the ensuing safety switch movement. Yeah, I'm REAL smart... but hey, it just goes to prove that even if the enduser does something really, and I mean really dumb, then the "no questions asked" warranty is FOR REAL!!!
    OK, someone come up with something dumb that they've done so I can feel better....
  6. Okay how's this. I've been married 4 dumb is that?
  7. I think I can beat you all...... I live with my ex wife. Any takers?
  8. I've heard nothin but good things about the return speed
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    I used to share a one bedroom apartment with my girlfriends sister. My buddy crash was married three times to the same woman. My neighbor Eddie was married to his double first cousin, and my other neighbor Junior was shacked up with his sister. (no, these events did not occur in West Va, three in Va AND one in TN.

    Back on topic, have never heard of warranty work being refused by Hi Point. My C9 is going back in about two thousand rounds. The safety cut out does not line up to let the roll pin be driven out. Picky?

    Maybe, but I had to buy it sight unseen (ordered and transferred) and I want one I can take apart without a bunch of hassle. Plus I am a mechanical moron and holding it down and pushing the slide forward and driving out the roll pin??? Yeah right. As if.

    Better chance of Barack Obama getting his NRA life membership and advocating shall issue cc in NY.......
  10. Ya got me beat there, congrats, I guess?
  11. Hey Perl, both the pre-jacked, and post-jacked C9's have takedown pin issues with the line up. Eh, oh well...

    I got the Taurus back today. They recieved it on Jan 11 and its back riding on my hip right now. Serious turnaround with them!!! Upside? I have a spankin new locking block. Downside? No real correspondence, and no goodie(s). Sheesh I thought an extra mag would have been nice, but hey, the only $$ out of my pocket was the 9 bucks it cost me to ship it. As fast as the turnaround was, I'm actually happier with Hi Points service. The handwritten note really gave me warm fuzzies, kinda like a friend did the repair, and the extra mag was just icing on the cake.