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    My 995 I bought used, and I tore it down and see significant wear on rails. Can one take the rifle to mom, or must you ship? Now that gas has come down, I would not mind taking it to them.
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    That would more than likely be a answer only MOM could answer i would give them a call and see.

  3. SWAGA

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    Welcome to the forum!
    Give them a call and then ship it. You'll have it back in a couple of weeks fully refurbished for the price of shipping.
    It's a small company so call early in the morning.
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    I think that this was discussed in the HiPoint Pistols sub-forum. Seems like you MUST ship the gun to them. Apparently, the factory has a Fort Knox "air" about it. Very tight security and a strict "No Visitors" policy. If you ship via USPS it should be less than $15. HiPoint pays the return shipping.
    You'd have to live within 75 miles of Mansfield OH to even break even on gas (assuming $2/gal and 20 mpg) and that doesn't include lunch:rolleyes:.
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    I think it would be a great trip to go see mom. I bet if they offered organized tours they would have a lot of visitors. Would probably even increase sales. Look at the number of people on just the Hi Point forums. How many of YOU would take the trip?
  6. As was discussed in another thread, I am convinced that Mom employs former Keebler Elves and Oompa Loompas. Thus, the top secrecy. Can't think of any other reason.

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    I have talked to 3 different people (MoM) at Beemiller in regard to a tour. Their response was their insurance would not allow anybody to visit - stop by - tour the property. There was a story last year on here about a forum member that went to drop off his Hi Point for repairs. After he made it on to the property he was approached by security personnel. Who physically moved him into a secure area & verbally abused him during interrogation. They did repair his gun & told him to NEVER come back again. I think he wore out his welcome real quick?
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    Wasn't that you? :-D
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    You never know... Mom could be making some stuff for the government... There just might be some bad,bad,bad guys getting whacked by covert Hi Points... She'd tell us all about it but then she'd have to kill us...:confused:
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    K, so I guess I will not be visiting then, thanks guys