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  1. mr_flintstone

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    I've had a Jennings 25 auto for about 20 years, and despite being a cheap gun, it has shot pretty good. Inevitably, though, it finally broke. I still have a bunch of ammo, and I've been looking for a replacement/upgrade. Apparently my options for 25 ACP are limited. I can get a Jimenez, but that's the same as the Jennings. There's the Phoenix 25, but I've heard that the frames break. The Taurus looks OK, but it's DAO, and the trigger pull is fairly hard. Then there's the Beretta, but it's fairly expensive, and I can't find one for sale online.

    Anyone got any suggestions?
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  3. cicpup

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    Proof some people don't read the whole post before replying.
  4. Yea I slip sometimes, price of being human. Thanks for the catch...

    My LGS had one last year, but I passed on it. 25 acp ammo is a odd choice and not always available, 380 ammo is hard enough to find at times.
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    I have a tiny mousegun in .25 that shoots really well and is steel. You could probably find one cheap on GB. It is made by AG Galesi.


    This one is interesting too.

    This is an odd one, I have to inquire about this one at brycojenningsforum

    For the price of the pheonix, it would probably suit your needs, the frame cracks supposedly happen after about 3,500 rounds. I doubt anything to worry about and the price is right for a new one at about $130.
  6. Raven Arms Mp25.Mine works pretty good and they sell for very cheap on Gunbroker.
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    My sister in law has the pheonix arms .25 acp. It shoots great. Good trigger. All metal. The mag release and safety are a little tricky the way they work together, although I am sure it is similar to other guns, just none that I have.
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    Look for a used Beretta 21 or 950. The cost of ammo is a negotiating point in your favor.
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    Those "used" Berettas are going for $300+ on GB. Try looking on your local Armslist.
  10. mr_flintstone

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    My LGS has a Beretta .32 in really good shape for $250. I might try to sell off my ammo and buy this... I can't make up my mind.
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    I doubt you'll ever break the HP25's frame. If you're buying factory ammo, you'd spend 4x the cost of the gun getting to the frame failure point.

    As for the Burgo, don't do it. They're all zamak and the slides were too thin up front, leading to tons of failures. Zamak has to be engineered correctly to be a suitable slide material, the Burgo definitely was not.

    It was marketed under both the Burgo and Rohm brand names if I'm not mistaken.