Replica EO Tech 552

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  1. VRSCA1

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    Would this be worth mounting on my 995 ATI stock or a waste of money.
    Will it hold up or is it meant for airsoft guns only?
  2. Thayldt21

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    What replica do you speak of??

  3. VRSCA1

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    sorry, EO Tech 552 found on bay and other websites
  4. I think pumpgunner870 put one on his and the only thing he has mentioned is that the sight is really dim and from the pictures he posted it looks kind of out of focus or blurry.
  5. VRSCA1

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    Just want it mostly for looks,I do not think it is a true halo.
    Just if I spend 100-125 will it hold up after firing the weapon it's 9mm doesn't seem to violent a recoil,I realize it's cheap,do not want it come aprt after 30 minutes of firing
  6. VRSCA1

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    Yes I did see that one and after researching it seems to be in the EOTECH family have read that it is basically a EOTECH made for bushnell just not as durable, more for civilian use if you will.
    I can get a used 511 or 512 for that price or a new one for a little bit more.I love the "law enforcement/military use only" logo.
  7. C5sam

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    I would have a lot trouble spending more than the carbine cost for a "kewl" sight.I purchased the 995 RD model and the red dot is all glass optics, then added ATI stock and laser. laser is sighted in for 25m, and the red dot 50m.With four extra mags I have $400 invested, which to me seems like too much, but so far it shoots better than some that I spent $1000 on.
  8. VRSCA1

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    No one has tried the replica eotech?That would be fine with me jus want to know if it will withstand 995 recoil?
    Is the bushnell halo 510023 even available yet?Not bad for 239.00
    Found a eotech real deal on bay for 330
  9. C5sam

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    9mm recoil is almost non existant on ATI'd stocked 995s, but somewhat noticable on the flimsy, flexing oem stocks...
  10. Pumpgunner870

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    Yeah, I got one of the 552 clones on my 995. Price was $69.

    The retical is a 65 MOA outer ring with a 5 MOA center dot.

    The unit has 20 intensity levels for both the red and green reticals.

    For use without a magnifier both reticals look sharp. The green will get a slight ghosting at high intensities, minor. With the magnifier you can see alot more fuzziness. Still very usable with the magnifier though. The real key is to turn down the intensity and the ghosting fades.

    I've had mine running a good while now without any noticable dimming from battery life. The buttons are easy to use. One button to turn on, both intensity buttons to turn off so that it is not inadvertantly turned off. The replical "NV" button swaps the retical color.

    Sighting in was easy and it has held it's zero well. Adjustment was simple.

    For use in bright daylight on a light backgrounds the retical is harder to pick up. The red works much better in bright light, the green works great with the flashlight at night or in dimmer/fading light. It is not unusable even in bright light/light background but definitely tougher to pick up with the same speed.

    Without the magnifier the sight is very quick to aquire the target and stay on the target. I'm a shotgunner mostly so i'm very much a two eyed shooter, the Eotech style sight give you the ability to look with both eyes and aquire a target very quickly.

    With the magnifier it is nice to get a closer view for shots out to 50 yards +. Other than the fuzziness of the reticals with the mangifier the clone magnifier works very well.

    I primarily bought the clone 552 to determine if I wanted to go with an Eotech style sight or an Aimpoint red dot type. I have definitely decided to go with the Eotech style sight. The clone is performing it's duties well but i'm definitely keeping an eye out for a used Eotech 512 (I want to stick with an AA battery version). If I find one at a good price I will swap to an authentic unit, until then it serves it's purpose.
  11. VRSCA1

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    pumpgunner do you know who made the clone?There are a number of clones made and offered by different companys.Or which website and seller?Does it display phrase military lawenforcement use on it?
    Maybe you can pm me the details.
    Some are better than others from what I have been reading.
  12. Pumpgunner870

    Pumpgunner870 Member

    The only markings are the "Military/Law Enforcement Use" on the side.

    I believe it is made by a company called G&G.

    From what i've seen there are three types of reticals that differentiate between the clone brands:

    Eotech type retical: has a larger outer ring with points at top/bottom/sides

    Ring and dot type: This is what mine has. An outer ring with small gaps at the top/bottom/sides, that is only noticeable when the magnifier is installed.

    Cruciform retical: This has a cross made up of dots but has 2 extra dots for elevation at distant ranges.

    From what i've seen all are almost identical other than markings or stickers. The button setup is identical.

    From what i've found the airsoft guys are the ones to go to for information on the Eotech clones/companies. Only downside is that they have no experience with real world recoil/vibration issues. So far with my clone i've had no operational issues other than the brightness of the retical in certain conditions.