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    Finally fired my Norinco SKS this weekend and I guess it was all I could hope for out of a $150 rifle. No misfires or feed problems (with ancient ammo) and groups of about 3 inches, open sites at 100 yds. Are groups like that pretty standard? I didn't think it was all that bad, but I don't know anyone else who owns as SKS.

    But now for the big one: new Springfield M1a, standard walnut, 22 in barrel. Some feed issues with off-brand mags, but its shooting slightly less that 2" groups with off the shelf ammo. Man I love that thing. Anybody out there who wants to offer advice on an optic for this thing? Anybody else got one?
  2. 3 inch groups, open sights, surplus ammo, SKS? You are doing good.

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    I would have to agree with bobo on that.

    As far as optics on a M1A?
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    thanks, Dad taught me well. And I'm really not sure that sks has seen much use.
    Ari, about that scope...the poop sheet says red, green, black. is it black if it's not turned on? I know for sure i will have the mil ret on whatever scope I get. I'll be waiting a while for the optic due to money anyway, so let me know if you run into any problems, etc. with that scope. Looks decent though.
    Thanks again.
  6. Pentax sells a scope called the Gameseeker. They run around $100 and have a drop-compensating reticle. They're a Burris product, so the quality is much better than Leapers. Granted you dont get the illuminated reticle, but are you going to be shooting at night?
  7. 3" groups at 100 yards from an open sighted SKS is pretty darn good considering a "combat zero" for this rifle at 100 meters is roughly all shots center mass and within an 8" circle.

    Best I have ever gotten at 100 yards, open sights with Wolf 123gr FMJ ammo is 1.5" for 3 shots. That is the exceptional group from that particular rifle, common groupings are in the 3" to 3.5" range.

    Scoping an SKS is a waste of time in my opinion because you will ALWAYS have some movement in the rear receiver cover during recoil. You also have to remove the scope/cover to properly clean the rifle, otherwise you may end up with a stuck firing pin due to excess fouling in the bolt and this is what causes slam fires in the SKS.