Report on my new 4095 and questions

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by ridgerunner, Jan 16, 2008.

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    Had my 4095 for about 10 days now, very pleased.

    Took it to the range, (private and I can use it any time I want!), very impressed with the accuracy.

    Went out Monday to do a little hog scouting and it was so nice to be able to carry a rifle that did not weigh 8-10 lbs.

    I was a little peeved that the allen wrenches that came with it would not fit anything but the front sight mount and the compensator bolt. Not a big deal, I have plenty of allen wrenches. Maybe they were for another gun.

    I have fired it with and without the compensator and could not see any difference, is it just me or is it mostly cosmetic or something to clamp the laser sight to?

    I have an IMI Baby Eagle in 40 S&W that I carry and wanted a carbine in the same caliber.

    My plan is to use it as a short range hog gun. I know the pistol cartridges are limited, but at short range I believe it will work.
  2. Having a pistol/carbine combination makes a lot of sense. That's why I bought my 4095 last year. It too had a compensator. To tell you the truth, I couldn't tell any difference either way. Looked cool though. :D

    The 40 is just fine for short range pig popping. People use all sorts of things on those varmints. As the very overused saying goes, "its all about shot placement."

    These carbines sure make handy little carry guns. I was scouting around this evening for yotes with my 995. Yep, I own better coyote rifles, but I am really partial to this carbine.

  3. I think the compensator is mostly for show. That shwy I haven't bought one.
  4. Went to shoot this afternoon and get a load of firewood, LSSV we ended up shooting by truck light in a lite snow @ 26 degrees. The truck hood was warm and the 4095 shot well. It now has 25 rounds through it.The factory mags worked perfect .We were shooting silver bear swc.
  5. You wont see many people having any real trouble with the 4095. Its them poor guys with the ATI stocks on their 995's. That is why I stayed with the factory stock.
  6. "mostly cosmetic" is the correct answer.
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    Yeah nicadflyer, that's what I thought about the compensator.

    Hey another okie, mind saying where you are?