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  1. I was thinking about a real TEOTWAWKI senerio, they type like society is on the verge or already colasped. My oldest sister is living in Columbus and is not the survival type and the bro in law is even more useless in that field. They would have no protection (she hates guns) or supplies. I was thinking about maybe perparing a "rescue" mission. However that would mean leaving my family down here and going most likely on my own. Lincoln County KY to Columbus is a long distance and I have to cross the river.

    My question to you guys is how should it be done? I figure this would let us brain storm and just run with it and see what happens.
    Have Fun.
  2. First off, you'll probably end up depriving your family of a husband/father and still lose your sister and her family. If they have no preparations, they'll be gone before you can get to them.

    HOWEVER, assuming you're dead set on this, I'd make your vehicle ready for being armored. You have to assume you'll be a target. something to cover the rear windows would be good. Bulletproof glass is probably expensive, so know that being shot at through your windshield/side windows is a risk.

    Gun ports wouldn't hurt if you have a passenger who can shoot. You basically need a war wagon/roach coach/crip cruiser. Cargo vans are good for this task. However, a 4 wheel SUV would be good as well (off roading is an extremely likely possibility. Spare tire(s), whatever spare parts and tools you can carry, etc. If TEOTWAKI occurs you won't be able to go to Jiffy Lube to get it fixed. Learn how to field repair your vehicle. Hope this helps!

  3. I agree it would probably be a bad idea unless you had lots of prep and firepower. Of course i guess it depends on how bad the situation is. You would have to be totally self reliant. Pack lots of gas, spare parts, ammo, weapons and food of course. You would also need a couple of good shots to go with you for support. Have you ever read Lights Out? Its a good read and has some of what you describe take place in the story. Heres the link
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    ah, rimfirehunter was telling me about FrugalSquirrels forum just the other day... no wonder didn't work! :lol:
  5. You may as well go get them now. As the price of everything continues to skyrocket, and the dollar plummets, there are gonna be problems.

    Oh, wait. I forgot. According to Mr. President, we are not in a recession...

    4095 makes good points, as do the others regarding outfitting your vehicle and having at least one other person for fire support. As for crossing the river, better hope the bridges are:

    1) still intact
    2) not guarded by anyone, either openly or covertly

    You may also have to deal with or avoid altogether any checkpoints setup by law enforcement or military. Roadblocks set up by civilians are also a possibility. Not to mention those who have grouped together to take what they can get to survive from those of fewer numbers or limited to no defensive capability.

    I also agree that you should read Lights Out. Very good read.

    Also, as 4095fanatic pointed out: If they have no preparations, they'll be gone before you can get to them.

    As harsh as this may sound, if TEOTWAWKI/SHTF has already happened, you would be better off cutting your losses and staying put with those you can protect RIGHT NOW.

    ETA: As far as my family situation goes, I might try to plan to gather up my sister and brother-in-law and their kid. Main reason? He is a former military sniper. But they live in AZ. Fuel would be my first major concern. Next would be the distance...the farther you go, the worse it can get.
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    I always hate when you ask a question out of curiosity and everyone just tells you its a bad idea.... but yeah you would be much better off, if nothing but for your own family's sake, to stay put. As long as it will take to get from Ky to Ohio (that is where you are talking about, right?), by the time you get there it is very likely that they won't be there in some form or another (captured, already fleeing, in some camp you don't know about, or you-know-what). Going across town to get loved ones when the SHTF is risky. Going hundreds of miles to do so gives you a slim chance of total success (get said loved ones out safely, AND make it back before your family needs you).

    Realistically the best thing you could do is buy them one of those $70 emergency supply buckets from CostCo (link in the other "food" thread).

    However, if you intend on doing this, then I suspect some kind of small 4WD SUV (maybe a Jeep or perhaps a lifted Rav4) would be best for carrying the 4-5 people you are talking about (support people, and your loved ones).

    One (IMO) better option would be to take your family along with you. Get some big 4WD SUV that can hold your famiy +2. Your family can be your support group. If (when?) you get to Ohio and can't find / retrieve your sister, then at least you won't have to go all the way home to get your family and can just leave from wherever you are at the moment. With that said, you should make plans as to where you'd go after that, if going back home isn't an option.

    Also keep in mind that the gas you'd have packed might be more useful in other ways instead of a risky trip to save relatives.

    Sorry if I (we?) sound cold. But really there is only so much you can do to help people who won't help themselves.
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    Armored hummers, spare axles, and close air support aside, buy them some food-supplies for Christmas.

    I don't know what sort of things you (or some of these other posters) are thinking you're gonna have to brave here, but if it's bad enough that you need to armor your vehicle, it's bad enough that there's not gonna be any gas for making such a trip in the first place.

    Buy 'em some gear for Christmas, and tell 'em "if things ever start looking like they're gonna get bad, come on down."
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    Wow, I have to say that the Lights Out store is incredibly interesting... Im only on page 15 right now, but Ive got these darn Finals to tend to, so Ill have to catch up later. I was looking for a new "training" book to read, now that Ive read World War Z and the Zombie Survival Guide 3 times, but this sounds like a good read a ~650 pages!

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    I have the same problem My little sister and her hubby and kids live in Maine They are the "sheeple" type and right now my older sis and her kid and grand kid are in Texas [they are a bit more in the mindset of preppying] If something was to happen and I stayed put they would have to come to me. If I have to bug out we would go to Texas [never mind little sis in Maine as she doesn't go THAT sort of stuff]
  10. None of this sounds cold or harsh. Theres alot of truth in what people are saying. To be truthful Im a shelter in place type of guy if the situation allows but I figured we could use this senerio as a test of our skills and practical knowledge.

    Im surprised that no one has pointed out the fact I have to cross the Ohio River and in a real TEOTWAWKI those bridges would become horrble bottlenecks and great ambush points for the bad guys.
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    I've heard that old VW Beetles are watertight and will float. Get one of those, put some mud tires on it, and row it across the river (I am only half joking...)? My stepdad floated his old one across a small (maybe 40 feet wide) riverthat was about 3' deep if I am not mistaken. He just kept the wheels moving a little and every now and then they would barely catch on the rocks below to push him to the other side, until he drove up the bank (with the aforementioned mud tires).

    Though, Id imagine this would be much riskier in the larger river you'd be facing. Not only that, but instead of simply other campers watching you in amusement, you'd be giving potential ambushers lots of time to hone in on your position.
  12. Actually, I did mention the bridges across the river....the points are marked 1) and 2).

    But that's neither here nor there. If the situation is bad, stay put. If you have time before the situation gets bad, you could make the attempt. If you are still unsure, do what Uraijit said:

    "Buy 'em some gear for Christmas", and tell 'em "if things ever start looking like they're gonna get bad, come on down."

    My .02, again
  13. that is a tough call green82000...

    your immediate responsibility belongs in ky with your family... who is going to look after them if you leave?? your sis has a husband, and maybe you should really discuss some basic survival items/supplies/plans with him. the advice to give them "survival gifts" for xmas and b-days is an excellent ideal.

    i had a similiar discussion with my peers, and i'm the "crazy one" because i have "extra supplies." there seems to be 3 different groups when it comes to preparation:

    1. people that are planning for tough times
    2. people that will attempt to take from others because they didn't plan
    3. people that will give up because of # 1 and 2.

    ask your brother-n-law which group does he belong in?
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    I am with Ura on this.
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    Just wanted to ADD>>>>> I have not read a book in over ten years. And I probly didnt really read books then even thought it would have been for school.

    Tech Manuals dont count, so all that Army training dont mean JACK. >>EDIT<< as far as counting towards reading a book :)

    But I read the first paragragh of this story and well. I am some were in the 200's and going to finish.

    While the book has some Major Fantasy, A cold cup 1911 and a helping hand of some AR-s ect ect.

    However very good read.

    SHOULD have its own thread. Hint 8andsand....................

    Also I too agree with Ura....
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    One thing not mentioned about a TEOTWAWKI scenerio is the it is quite likely that martial law would be declared and travel severely restricted.

    It is extremely unlikely you would be able to reach your destination, and if you managed, your chances of getting back would be even slimmer.

    There's an old saying," You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink".

    If relatives refuse to take any responsibilty for their own well being it is simply too bad. All you can do is hope that they never have to face a major catastrophe. If one does hit, their fate has already been put into the hands of others by the prior decisions.

    It's not much different than the raising of kids. You may not agree with how friends/relative raise their kids but it is not your place to intrude (*unless* there is abuse)...
  17. I totally agree. Its every man for themselves, and if they have not done any prior preps, they reap the crop that they sowed.

    Cold, yes, but those will be cold times.
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    I am the type that would shelter up in a TEOTWASKI and move only if the absolutely required. On the other hand I live in a small city/town(20,955pop) and could make it to my parents home with easy with my family.

    Several back roads to get there if needed, my brother lives a little farther out of town and would have to travel about 25 miles to make it in, but again we could all meet up at my parents home.

    Than again depending on what time of year it was my brothers home might be a better choice. He has a boat ramp into a major river that is easily boated(have done it many times) also lives within about 6 miles of Interstate 5 as well as many access roads. So if things got ugly during the summer, we have many routes out.

    As for your original question green. Screw them, think about yourself and your immediate family. Not traveling hundreds of miles to try and save someone who didn't want to save themselves in the first place.
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    Forget them,

    Save your fuel, ammo and energy.

    They are already dead.