Rest In Peace Tom Deeb!

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    It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of “Tom” Deeb, founder and former owner of Hi-Point Firearms on March 21, 2016. Tom was enjoying semi-retirement in Texas. The loss that is felt by his family (several of whom work at Hi-Point Firearms), and his many friends, cannot be put into words.

    Tom was an extraordinarily smart and accomplished entrepreneur who built a company that still represents the fair practices and honest principles he implemented in establishing it.

    Tom was involved in many organizations. He most enjoyed working with his many friends, law enforcement personnel, and The Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners (AFTE).

    Tom had an unwavering desire to always do the right thing, and this principle will be continued by the current Hi-Point owner Mike Strassell, who has been a business partner with Tom for 30 years.

    We will pass along additional information in accordance with the family’s wishes.

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  2. Thanks much for the great firearms Tom Deeb.Always happy to have found Hi Point and enjoying shooting again when I can.The price drawed me in,the company background,reputation and reliability made me a happy owner of Hi Points.Rest in Peace.....
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    RIP Mr. Deeb.
    He accomplished quite a bit during his lifetime, and his ideas and products brought enjoyment and protection to a lot of people.
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    RIP Mr. Deeb.

    Thoughts and prayers for the family.
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    I never had to chance to meet Tom Deeb, I did talk to him 3 times concerning the history of a few guns, either I had purchased or was going to purchase, only if he would verify their history before I bought them. He always sounded surprised about why I wanted to collect HP's. I guess he didn't think of them as collector items? I had also talked to his wife Shirley a few times regarding the return of a few guns, sent in for repairs. They were very friendly & courteous people.

    I am praying for his family!!!
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    Sad at his passing.
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    Tom Deeb's accomplishments say much about the man. To invent and produce solid, made in America firearms at a very low price point allowed even those on modest incomes to be armed and protected. Prayers for the family.
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    Prayers for Tom, Shirley and their family.
  11. Sad to hear about Tom's passing. Hi Point set the standard for customer service and value. He will be missed. Our prayers for the family.