Retro Day Today
by Greg Ritchie

Carried the H&R 733 today. Just because. This was my first revolver that I bought specifically for social work. I have had others that I bought for social work, in 32 H&R Magnum and 38 Special, but I never really liked anything better than the 733 until I bought my Ruger LCRX.

The old girl dropped nicely in the Desantis Sof Tuck I have for the LCRX. It surprised me that her barrel peeked out of the bottom of the holster, and she wiggled around in the Soft Tuck as well. She is a bit longer legged and slimmer than her safe mate, the LCRX. Her normal outside the safe home is a Bulldog OWB holster, but IWB was the mode of carry today.

She eats the Speer 100 grain .312 HP pushed to over 700 fps by 296 powder. A load not found in today's manuals, but one from an old Speer manual. She has been eating these for some 40 years now and still locks up tight as a bank vault. They are a couple hundred feet per second behind her replacements 110 grain .357 bullet but she gives 6 to her replacements 5.

We ended the day at the 21 foot range behind the house where she put 18 of her .312 grain pills into targets of opportunity without fail. Now I will give her a bath and put her away until the next time we get to spend quality time together.

This is the longest owned firearm I have. Lost all of her cousins and siblings in the great fire of '99. She survived her fiery fate because she went on vacation with us and was not home during the conflagration. I trusted her to protect me then and I still trust her to protect me now.