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    There used to be a sticky on the old forum giving general instructions about returning hi points for maintenance. If anyone out there has this kind of info, I would appreciate it. My C9 has been mildly irritating since day 1 (several hundred rounds and still no perfect days at the range). So, it seems, after all the different brush and polish, feed lip adjustment, etc. tricks I could try myself, it will finally be back to the factory to let the good ol' boys give her a once over. That's the beauty of a fantastic company with fantastic customer service.

    so, any tips/instructions on how to ship the pistol back to hi point would be fantastic.

  2. I beleive, but am not sure, that the return address may differ for .380/9mm products, .40 pistols and carbines, and .45s. For a C9, however, send it to:

    Beemiller, Inc.
    1015 Spring Mill Road
    Mansfield, OH 44906.

    Include a letter with it, giving your name, address, phone number, and a problem description.

    Do _NOT_ send it USPS; send it UPS or Fedex, and describe the contents as 'machined parts'.

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    Thats what I was told to do for the 995...
  4. There are different addresses for each. carbines and 9mm's go to beemiller but .40 pistols and .45 pistols go to haskell and iberia(but I don't recall which one produces which) . I found the addresses the other day but can't find them now...

    Beemiller, Incorporated
    1015 Springmill Rd.
    Mansfield, Ohio 44906

    JC & JCP40
    Iberia Firearms
    3929 St. 309
    Galion, Ohio 44833

    JH & JHP45
    Haskell Mfg.
    585 E. Bluelick Rd.
    Lima, Ohio 45801
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    If you can't afford long distance or don't have it:

  7. I was told by customer service to pack it securely, include ALL of the magazines for that particular firearm, use bubble wrap or foam if available. Also, I was told that when UPS asks whats in the box (they usuaully do for insurance reasons), tell them that its machined metal parts (well it is!) and nothing else. Just make sure you pack it yourself BEFORE going to UPS. They get rather peeved when you show up and toss a handgun/carbine on the counter and smile :) .
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    would make for an interesting story for them though :lol:
  9. And a nice ding on your rap sheet.... :roll: