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  1. I recently obtained an older 995 classic. I already own 2 995 TS models and love plinking with them. The older one needs to go back and be refurbed. What do you guys use for a box, shipping container? What can I expect from the refurb? I will gladly pay for some of the parts.
  2. Any box that will fit the gun, and it will be fixed near new with no charge to you besides shipping which they will offset with some free mags.

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    The US Post Office has some Carbine size boxes, but not all P/O's stock them. I went to WM and bought some big pieces of cardboard for crafts & taped it together.
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    As far as I know it's 1 free mag.
  5. I got 2 with my JC40, but I sent no mags with it. Still 1 mag should offset his shipping.