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  1. Good morning!

    Several years ago, I first came into my first Hi Point C9. Had lots of fun shooting it but eventually, it passed through my hands, along with several others firearms as well.

    Well yesterday, I stopped in at my LGS to pick up some primers and wouldn't you know, lo and behold, there was a used Hi Point 995TS with the forward grip and flashlight installed.

    I swear it called my name as I walked in the door cause, in less than three minutes time, I picked it up, held it in my hands and purchased it. Just like that. No nonsense, no second thoughts, no buyers remorse. Just done.

    Unfortunately, I have a seven day waiting period but, in the meantime, I'll be looking for thoughts ideas and recommendations for scopes and cases.

    Thanks and, glad to be back in the fold. Can't wait to shoot the newest addition to the family!

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    The 995's are the worst! They scream louder at me than the $.85 Twinkies in the vending machine at work! I can resist the Twinkies :p

  3. Welcome back.How much $ ?
  4. Thanks.......$275 with the forward grip and flashlight.

    I'd been looking at them on Gunbroker and thought it was a pretty good price. Sort of an impulse buy but, not really. Still thinking it was a good price.

    I reload 9mm on a Lee Pro 1000 so, it makes sense to add a 9mm carbine to the collection.

    Yeah, that's it...I'll go with that. it "makes sense".......;)

    Now I gotta' get a scope and case
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    Stay With Us, THIS TIME!!! :D