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Reversible woodland/desert tan waterproof fabric, shelter idea

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I have 2.94 yards (106" or 8 ft 10 in) of this rather heavy duty, waterproof, blackout fabric. 70D Ripstop and PVC/Vinyl laminate with desert tan one side, and woodland camo ripstop side.
Here is the idea I have for it after much figuring and mathematics.
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Pen drawing. Height would be 42-44 inches depending on how tall my USGI poles can get.

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The fabric in question
Tent Tarpaulin Camouflage Plant Military camouflage

What I think the fabric was for; seconds from the manufacture of the Eureka TCOP (Tent, Combat, One Person) series; same tan side, same blackout properties.

For sealing the seams, I have found that H-66 vinyl cement is recommended by Sailrite for PVC/Vinyl laminated fabrics. Have to order the lighter Tera 80 (Tex 35ish) thread for it from Rockywoods in both Tan 499 and Olive Drab or Forest Green, and I plan to sew pull out loops in the approximate centers of the 3 triangle panel sections on both sides in order to be able to have it still be reversible. If I want to get a larger shelter design, I would need to order a few yards more of this fabric, depending on the final design. Not sure yet if I want to use binding tape to maximize the size, or to try very narrow rolled hems... of 3/8 inches or so.
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If I buy 2 more yards of fabric at 59.5" width, the 2 yards would be 72" long, and if I cut at 36" width, I would end up with more than enough fabric to make a vestibule, and reinforcement, and pole/shelter stuff sack... hmm. With the extra length afforded by the vestibule, I might be able to have a 2 person shelter that's mostly weatherproof and well ventilated... we'll see.

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Put a loop at the top peak as well, so you can hang it from a branch or whatever, without needing a pole.

Looks like a decent idea. Being in Oregon, you might want a vestibule that reaches closer to the ground, for better wet weather performance.
Yeah, the plan is to have loops on both sides of the peak, same for pull out loops, both sides of the panels. For vestibule, we'll see what I can rig up, too low, zipper or just make doors.
Too high, no real weather proofness in the vestibule area but the space under main piece would still be protected.. double peak, slightly weirder but doable especially if I put eaves on the edge from the possible cut plan for the main piece. Again, we shall see
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Hrm. Simply draping it over my Catoma Burrow/BedNet popup bug bivy tent, I have just a little bit of extra length, but not the width to fully stake down to ground... however, it does cover the whole bug net area, just one area little less on coverage near the widest/tallest part. It does have a bathtub style floor.

Usually, I would be using a Bushcraft Outfitters' 10x10 tarp in coyote brown over the BedNet, and I already have a front entry floorless pyramid in ATACs camo.... which didnt fit the bednet all that well. I could go with 4 more yards at $5 per yard if available, and then cut two triangles of 58" square from the 2.94 yard fabric and sew them to the 4 yard long center panel for a humongous hammock tarp that covers pretty much everything with room to spare.. and I would be able to also have 2 smaller triangles to sew on the ends of the center panel for "doors".

I aint 100% sure yet. Have plenty of time to wait on ordering stuff.

Edit. This is what I have that I want to cover in woodland camo lol. 30" at widest. 26" at tallest. 90" long apparently.

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