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Reversible woodland/desert tan waterproof fabric, shelter idea

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I have 2.94 yards (106" or 8 ft 10 in) of this rather heavy duty, waterproof, blackout fabric. 70D Ripstop and PVC/Vinyl laminate with desert tan one side, and woodland camo ripstop side.
Here is the idea I have for it after much figuring and mathematics.
Sketch pad Triangle Slope Rectangle Font

Pen drawing. Height would be 42-44 inches depending on how tall my USGI poles can get.

Camouflage Military camouflage Wood Flooring Interior design

The fabric in question
Tent Tarpaulin Camouflage Plant Military camouflage

What I think the fabric was for; seconds from the manufacture of the Eureka TCOP (Tent, Combat, One Person) series; same tan side, same blackout properties.

For sealing the seams, I have found that H-66 vinyl cement is recommended by Sailrite for PVC/Vinyl laminated fabrics. Have to order the lighter Tera 80 (Tex 35ish) thread for it from Rockywoods in both Tan 499 and Olive Drab or Forest Green, and I plan to sew pull out loops in the approximate centers of the 3 triangle panel sections on both sides in order to be able to have it still be reversible. If I want to get a larger shelter design, I would need to order a few yards more of this fabric, depending on the final design. Not sure yet if I want to use binding tape to maximize the size, or to try very narrow rolled hems... of 3/8 inches or so.
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Great stuff, CD

Ima post a question about paranoid, I'm sure you know a lot about this too...
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