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A few years ago I came across a great deal on a Hi-Point C9 “compact†9mm pistol..

This is an absolute no frills handgun. It is a polymer framed, zinc alloy slide, simple blow back firearm. It has a pair of claw type extractors and uses the firing pin as the ejector. The finish appears to be a thinned paint that rubs off fairly easily, but the Zamak slide doesn’t rust.

It comes with a shorty 8 round magazine that has a finger rest. The manufacturer also offers a 10 round magazine that is essentially the 995 carbine magazine with a large plastic base. I have found that the 995 carbine mags fit and function perfectly in this pistol. It also comes with the optional “Ghost Ring†rear sight. I found this sight to be a bit too large and “odd†feeling, so I went back to the traditional rear sight.

My C-9 is very accurate for what it is… Recoil is light, due in part to the 9mm round and the weight of the slide. It has fed everything I can find to put through it with the exception of Russian Manufactured Silver Bear 147gr. hollow points. Although these would fire fine and the accuracy was acceptable every casing would stick in the chamber, having to be knocked out with a section of cleaning rod…

Here is the C-9…

Here is the C-9 locked back. Notice that the safety is pushed up into a second recess in the slide to effect the manual slide lock. The C-9 does lock back after the last round in the magazine has been fired. With no traditional slide release though the shooter has to release the slide by hand.

As I said before the C-9 is sold with an 8 rd magazine that has a finger rest… The 10 rd magazines for the 995 carbine will fit and feed in this handgun.. I have taken the carbine mags that I decided to pair up with this pistol and ground the plastic bases into what is a smoother and more comfortable shape.. (These have the small extention that all my 995 mags have… they still work perfectly in the carbine…)

This is the “package†I keep my C-9 wrapped up in… It is a cheapo nylon “extra mag belt holsterâ€â€¦ Along with the pistol I keep the 8rd mag and two 10 rd mags with it. One issue I had with it in the beginning though…. All of the holsters I tried would manage to push the mag release, thus causing me to lose my mag or at the very least for it to be sitting lose in the gun. This is bad no matter how you look at it. To remedy this I modified the holster below with a cut out for the mag release button AND made it so that the pistol rides higher than normal to allow for an easier draw…

Now it should be noted that due to the “spring loaded firing pin/ retained by spring loaded sear†this pistol should not be carried with a round in the chamber… PERIOD… Even the Manufacturer states this. There is just too good of a chance for an accident with this design. However it is this firing mechanism design in conjunction with the simple blow back action that makes this gun cheap AND effective.

This is an inexpensive reliable and accurate pistol.. hands down!!! Would I trust my life to it… Yes.. Would I carry it as a CCW (immediate need defensive pistol).. NO way.. the lack of my comfort keeping a round chambered disallows this. It is however ideal for a “truck gun†or a “bag†gun.. I see no reason why i could not be used as a bedside “bump in the night†pistol either…
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