Review: Michigan Man Soap
by Kirk Lawson

There is a long-standing belief among many that elements of our society are engaging in a "war on men and manliness." While one side says that it is only fighting against "toxic masculinity," there often feels like a social pressure against all things masculine. So when I heard of a small, one-man-shop, home business called "Michigan Man Soap," I was interested. When I heard his tag-line is "Handmade soaps and beard oils in unusually masculine scents" I was intrigued. Beards are more popular today than since 19th Century England. Even I sport a Van **** (a mustache and goatee fit for an 80's TV villain). I was hooked. I had to find out.

Perusing his Facebook presence, I found that he seemed to sell at Fairs and Festivals and that he did, indeed, have several "unusually masculine" seeming scents for his soaps and beard oils. I was drawn to the Gunsmoke scent. Why else would I be reviewing his products on a gun forum? But I also found he had Cherry Pipe Tobacco scent. I am well aware that She Who Must Be Obeyed likes the scent of Cherry Pipe Tobacco but I have a personal policy against actual tobacco use. Seems like a win-win to me.

I contacted the vendor over Facebook and inquired about a purchase. Things get tricky here. I suspect that because he is a small kitchen-table style business, he doesn't currently have a way to make Credit Card purchases online. No worries. Facebook can facilitate financial transfers and the vendor takes PayPal. Done and done.

I ordered a bottle of Cherry Pipe Tobacco Beard Oil and a cake of Gunsmoke soap, paying by Facebook linked Credit Card, through Messenger. As as side note, Facebook Messenger claims to use heavy encryption for the transaction and will allow you to choose to store or not to store your Credit Card account details, as you prefer.

Next week, I had a package delivered. The soap was freshly made so I had to wait a few weeks for it to dry enough for use. During that time, I stuck it in my underwear drawer to dry. Its smell permeated my drawers, sort of like a more manly sachet. So how does it smell? Well, it does not exactly smell like gunsmoke. But it does smell reminiscent of gunsmoke with some sort of citrus or lime overtones and some other scents as well. It smells pretty good. So the soap passes my smell test. But what about She Who Must Be Obeyed? Yes, she likes it.


[A Manly Sachet]

And the Beard Oil? Yes, it smells like Cherry Pipe Tobacco. A very little bit massages into my beard and mustache. It conditions the beard and the skin below. I never really thought about it much but I did get split ends in my beard. Big deal. Just trim them off and get on with life. But with Michigan Man Beard Oil, I don't get near as many. Does it pass the smell test with She Who Must Be Obeyed? Yes, it does. She likes it a great deal more than the Gunsmoke scent. When I use up the existing cake of Gunsmoke scented soap, I'll be ordering a few cakes in Cherry Pipe Tobacco scent. Just a word of caution. Like colognes or aftershave, it is easy to become desensitized to the smell and over-apply. Don't let this happen. Although, as well as the Cherry Pipe Tobacco scent has been received with the ladies in my life, you may have to use Karate to fight off the women.

package and oil.jpg

[A little of the Beard Oil goes a long way]

I definitely recommend Michigan Man Soaps. They certainly are soaps and beard oils in unusually masculine scents. Buy some today. Your "She Who Must Be Obeyed" will be happy.


[Well of course Gunsmoke soap would be gray-black! Did you expect pink?]

Click here for Michigan Man Soaps Facebook presence