Review of the Recover Tactical 1911 Grip & Rail System
by ichthyo

I saw an advertisement for Recover Tactical's grip and rail system on the Internet and thought it might be a good option for my "railless" GI, a Springfield Armory 1911 A1. I reasoned it is a reversible decision and the gun could then serve well for home defense with a weapon light attached. If I didn't want it anymore I could take it off as there is no permanent change to the gun. After all, I bought gun because I wanted a WW2 version of a 1911. I had no plans to modernize the gun with new beaver tail, hammer, lowered ejection port, etc. Below is a photo of my 1911 beside an actual government 1911. As you can see, Springfield Armory did a great job recreating the GI.

Vertebrate Air gun Trigger Mammal Wood

So I found some auctions on eBay and put a bid in and l was able to purchase a set of grips for $33. It only took fours days for them to arrive. I purchased the black option, but you can also get desert tan and OD green.

When I unboxed them they weren't screaming out to be anything special and I even thought maybe I made a mistake. They seemed very thin and possibly flimsy. Still, I was intrigued and was ready to investigate.

Bicycle part Gun accessory Gun barrel Air gun Auto part

I must confess that I had to see what they would look like on my old Haskell 45acp. Alas, the fit was close but no cigar. It would be wonderful if they made a system for the old precursors of our beloved Hi Points. Maybe someone with a 3D printer can make that happen some day. I'd buy it for sure.

Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Wood

I digress. The install was easy as you simply remove the old grips, The install hardware is your existing grip screws along with two more small bolts that secure the system to the trigger guard. I put a dab of blue locktite on the two bolts to make sure they stayed tight. In less than three minutes I was ready for a weapon light to slide onto the rail.

The thought that I may have made a mistake quickly went away when I installed them. The fit to my gun was amazing. I heard others speak about the product being designed by the same individual responsible for the Tavor Bullpup that Israeli military uses. These grips are made in Israel. The gun felt great in my hand. The grips made the overall width of the purchase slightly narrower than factory grips, but added a little length because they wrap around the front. I have long fingers and felt like they fit my hand better than the originals.

I have installed a laser andor weapon light on the rail and it is very solid with no flex at all even when both are attached at the same time. With my laser light and weapon light both on at once, it looks very "Mall Ninja like". I likely will just use the flashlight, not both at once.

Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Composite material

I know some 1911 purists will not like this abomination of plastic on the sacred steel of the 1911, but for me it works. Knowing that in five minutes the gun could be switched back to the original look is comforting and the modification does exactly what I wanted it to do.

I put about 100 rounds downrange with attachments on the rail and had no problems. I like the new but reversible look and feel really good about the purchase.

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They make a similar griprail system for the Berretta 92 M9. You can check out the company website at: