Review: R&R Holster for Kel Tec P11
by Kirk Lawson

gun in holster out-side.jpg

[Kydex Outside The Waistband (OWB) holster for the Kel Tec P11 by R&R Holsters - view from exterior side]

A "concealed carry gun" is of no use if it cannot be, well, carried. That is the the purpose of the holster. While the core function of a holster is to "carry" the gun, it has several functions related to that purpose.
  • Carry the gun securely (not loose or falling out) - often called "retention"
  • Protecting the trigger from unintended contact
  • Protecting the gun from wear and contaminants
  • Facilitating smooth and safe deployment of the gun by the holster user
Kydex, a stiff, slightly flexible, "thermoplastic," in sheets of various thicknesses is currently the king of the hill for carry holsters. While there will always be a place for leather, Kydex has largely displaced it for modern holsters.

Because I needed a modern Outside The Waistband (OWB) holster for my Kel Tec P11, and I wanted Kydex, I went to Amazon and started searching, with price being a factor. Eventually, I settled on a product from R&R Hostlers. They got decent reviews and the price on their belt-loop holster was right: $25 + free shipping brought it to my door.


[$24.99 to my door]

The quality and retention is good. It holds the gun snugly and securely. This is a belt-loop model though I could probably find tuckable spring clips and convert it to an Inside The Waistband (IWB) holster. The belt-loops are solid and inflexible. The hardware, screws and such, show no signs of loosening up. I wear it at about 3:00 or so.

gun in holster out-side.jpg

gun left holster right.jpg

holster belt side view.jpg

holster out-side view.jpg

holster top down view.jpg

All in all I am happy with this. The only minor complaints I have are, first, it is broad enough at the base that if it shifts from 3 o'clock to slightly closer to 3:40, then my rear-right-pocket pocketknife touches it when I walk. When they connect, it makes a soft <click> <click> <click> sound as I walk. I just discretely adjust the holster slightly forward. It is no fault of the holster but, instead an artifact of my carry equipment.

The other small complaint is the front loop is closer to the inside swell of the holster than I am used to. It makes threading the holster on to a belt, and then the pants belt-loops, at 3 o'clock just a bit more difficult because it keeps the holster very tight at that spot.

hoster on belt.jpg

[Threading the belt on to the holster is a bit tight]

All in all, I would recommend this holster.