Review: Ruger American Pistol Compact Pro
by Greg Ritchie

Quick review of my Ruger American Pistol Compact Pro chambered for 9mm Luger.

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It's a hearty handgun at over 28 ounces. Comes with a 12 round and a 17 round magazine. The 12 round mag gives you the option of an extended base that supports your pinky or a flat base. The 17 round magazine comes with a grip spacer. For those who live in states that are not magazine friendly, it can be had with two 10 round magazines.

I love the trigger. I am not a fan of bladed triggers, but this one does not feel like one. I can not detect the blade safety at all and it does not leave a sore spot on the pad of my finger like blade safeties tend to do. The trigger is crisp and breaks clean after a very small amount of take up. The reset is what I will call "medium". Not as long as a DA revolver, but not as short as a 1911.

The sights are Novak style 3 dot sights. Front and rear are dovetailed into the slide. They line up well and are quick on target.

Accuracy of OK. I get about 4 inch groups on paper at 25 yards. For some reason hits on reactive targets seem to come easier than tight groups on paper for me. I like to shoot combat trees with it. It makes me look good!

This is not my EDC. I carry something a little lighter. (Kahr CW 45) But it is my preferred open carry when a semiautomatic is the order of the day, replacing the HI Point CF380 I carried for so long. I open carry the second of every month, (I support every second matters) and the vast majority of weekends when I am working outside, fishing, or pursuing other outdoors hobbies. I carry in a Uncle Mikes #16 nylon holster with an attached magazine pouch. It adds a bit of bulk, but it fits the RAP compact well, and was a gift to me from my granddaughter, so it holds a special place for me. I need to have MTR Custom Leather make me a holster for it, I will probably want to carry it more.

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Takedown is very easy. Lock the slide to the rear, flip down the take down lever, and release the slide. No pins to pull out and no triggers to pull.

Finally, there are lots of complaints about the back of the frame rubbing the knuckle of the shooting hand when firing. This has not been an issue for me. It's a very easy and soft recoiling handgun for me. I really like it!