Revised "Pimp my Rifle" page: New and Improved..bu

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    I haven't done any more work on the gun due to lack of funds :( I PROMISE more progression next week.

    But the new site is LIGHT YEARS ahead in design, and she's also begining a section devoted to the Soviet women who fought the Nazis as snipers. It seems there's alot of family history involved there, and I'm excited to see how it goes. She's been working hard for days on the site, so let her know!! I for one am VERY impressed on the change!

    Eventually there will be a ton of info on my rifle build, but right now we're trying to refine the site until I can get some build pics up.
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    Outstanding progress.
    Tell the woman I loved the "Stuff you know if you have an AK-47, or an AR-15, or a Mosin Nagant:"
    Keep up the good work.

  3. HURRY UP lol get that dude done bro!!!! Great progress!
  4. Guys, check out the page where "The Woman" talks about the M44.. Hilarious!
  5. Wow. As a man that has repeatedly attempted to find just the right hook to get the better half into shooting, I can honestly say I am very very happy that you managed to only get her into shooting, but have developed into a passion. She's done an amazing job documenting everything and the way she writes it all out makes it enjoyable to read. Tell her I said the site is superb!