Revolutionary War Veterans Association

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  1. I'm planning on going to an RWVA Shoot, but I'm not sure if my 995 is up to the job. Has anybody been to one?
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    What??? You're shooting Revolutionary War Veterans??? That's just sick....

    However the 995 should be up to the task, after 200+ years they can't be that active....

  3. ROFLOL thats a good one!

    I was thinking along the lines of how many of them could there be left? ;) One mag ought to do it.
  4. Seriously, if they are using period replicas then the hi point will most likely not be in place. But otherwise, its made in the USA so who knows?
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    A google query turned up this related to the RWVA: Sounds like they're a bit more than just re-enactment buffs.

    A checklist of what you need is here:

    Although the 995 should be fine at 25 yd stuff a pistol round just won't work as well at 100 yds (or longer).
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    After reading through the home page, as I'm sure you did before sending that link they sated that a true rifleman is one who can hit a man sized target at 500 plus yards. Your 995 will not be upto par with what they are expecting. Just about anyother weapon that shoot a rifle cartrige would be however.
  7. Thanks, I'll be searching for a more powerful weapon.