Revolver or Semi Auto - first time shooter

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Visper, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. Visper

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    OK guys, I got into this discussion at work today.

    I have a female employee at work that would like to purchase her first handgun for home defense and eventual pocketbook gun. She has shot 22s in her youth but its been awhile from what she tells me.

    She came over and started asking a group of us gathered for our morning coffee. All of them were telling her 9mm or 380 semi auto like the sccy or the ruger lc9/lc380.

    While they are great firearms, mostly good reviews etc. I brought up the point not to leave a revolver out of the discussion. I was taught on a revolver when I was young, my dads service revolver, a S&W mod 10.

    She brought up the EAA Windicator. I told her, decent choice, start out with the 38 special and get proficient with that first, having the option of going 357 later was a plus to me... everyone called me nuts...

    Those lighter pocket carry guns aren't really a joy to shoot at the range, they tend to be snappy because they really have no weight to them. They serve a purpose and serve it well. But to me are for a more experienced shooter.

    I believe revolvers are simpler and in some ways better to learn the basics with. Call me old fashioned...

    Also, I told them all, most revolvers are a bit heavier, so a 38 special or 380 with a heavier firearm will be less "snappy". To me not being afraid to shoot and practice with the firearm to get proficient is key in being able to use it in self defense.

    So I ask you guys, first off, am I nuts???

    Then second I wanted to give her a few other revolver options, since everyone gave their 2 cents on semi-autos. Going to do some reading tonight but wanted to get your guys opinion on a few.

    Then she can go to our local LGS w/range around the corner and try a few out to see what fits her best, whether it be a semi or revolver. Ultimately its what she feels the most comfortable shooting
  2. FlashBang

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    Revolver plain and simple.


  3. Bull

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    I think revolvers are excellent for new/ inexperienced shooters.... Less steps to remember, or fret about.
  4. FirearmFanatic

    FirearmFanatic "The Enabler!"

    Revolver for first time shooter definitely!

    GLUGLUG Supporting Member

    Taurus M85. Inexpensive yet works.
  6. Visper

    Visper AK = Automatic Killer!?! Supporting Member

    OK, so I'm not crazy!!

    What do you guys think of the EAA Windicator, or do you have any other suggestions.

    She does have a limited budget ~$300ish. She's a single mom.
  7. Visper

    Visper AK = Automatic Killer!?! Supporting Member

    I'll add it to the list thank you!!

    While I agree, Taurus makes some fine handguns, every other person I work with suggested S&W, Ruger mostly and a couple SCCY votes. See a trend? Yeah, American only.

    While I have absolutely nothing against them, I love all firearms :D, they all tend to be gun snobs... a few are Ruger only, a few colt only, a few S&W only...

    They told her SCCY only if you have to, stay away from Taurus etc, they're junk... they even bashed her suggestion of the Windicator, its German made, and the reviews seem really good.
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  8. FirearmFanatic

    FirearmFanatic "The Enabler!"

    I might would stay away from the Taurus semi pistols, but their revolvers are good to go!
    I had a PT111 and a PT145, didnt keep them long and sold them very quick. I just didnt like them. I like my wife's Sccy CPX2 much better than I did the Taurus semi autos. YMMV.
  9. wrench459

    wrench459 Member

    My wife is very comfortable with the CPX.
    "Shoot to Kill" not so much but, in a pinch she has always has done the right thing in the past.
  10. Visper

    Visper AK = Automatic Killer!?! Supporting Member

    I actually really liked my 24/7 in 40S&W until I had to send it in for recall... I have to wait till July 18th for my replacement G2...

    Never tried an SCCY so I can't really say. But I have heard good things about them.

    Still, like everyone else's sentiment so far, revolver is still the best way to go.

    GLUGLUG Supporting Member

  12. lklawson

    lklawson Staff Member

    You're not nuts but she will have a hard time shooting a double-action revolver well. It's hard. She would have the same problem the SCCY, keltec, or the LCP.

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)

    GLUGLUG Supporting Member

    the sccy is not hard to fire... maybe 8 lbs
  14. FirearmFanatic

    FirearmFanatic "The Enabler!"

    +1 on this! The recoil can be a little "snappier" than some revolvers. My wife doesnt have a problem with it though.
  15. cicpup

    cicpup Resident PITA Supporting Member

    Hand her a semi and tell her to rack it. If she fumbles, struggles and complains that she broke a nail, then try and talk her into a revolver. If she accomplishes it with the vigor of a man about to settle a score, GTFO of her way.
  16. wrench459

    wrench459 Member

    +2 my wife has gotten deadly accurate with the sky aka sccy.
    Nine inch paper plates @ 7 yards she is getting close to out shooting me.:D

    Got me wondering about how she would like a glock.
  17. Visper

    Visper AK = Automatic Killer!?! Supporting Member

    I did think about that, but I still think for point and shoot without having to worry about racking the slide is a bonus in a stressful situation for someone new.

    She can practice with it in single action and at least get the basics down.

    But it is really up to what fits her, like Cic said.
  18. Outlaw

    Outlaw Supporting Member

    IMO, semi's are not for beginners. Especially small beginners. Too many moving parts and springs and stuff. I actually carry the Ruger LCR .38. No hammer to snag in a purse or jeans or wherever. Just teach her the proper trigger form. Better yet, attach a CT laser grip to it and teach her to dry fire it (snap caps) without the laser leaving a 6 in. square target at 7 yds. When she can do this fast and consistently, she'll be one deadly weapon. It is snappy, but assure her, that when the time times to use it, she won't even notice it. I realize we just went over the $300. mark about $150., but it's worth it. Check a pawn shop for one, it may be cheaper.
  19. Visper

    Visper AK = Automatic Killer!?! Supporting Member

    Ruger LCR added to the list. It is definitely out of her range but she can check out pawn shops.
  20. lsi1

    lsi1 Member

    I'd say revolver go with the lcr if one can be found cheap enough. Its small and very light but doesn't behave like a very small very light firearm can be had in lots and lots of calibers these days.

    If I had to go with a $300 budget for a semi auto I'd come right down on the s&w sd9ve or the sccy cpx-2.