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    I was told by a friend that Rock Island Armory is no more. Does any one know if this is true. And if not do you know a sight that shows that they are still open for business?
  2. I doubt it, their 1911 line sold so well, but I guess you never know.

  3. They are still alive and well in the PI--



  4. They haven't gone anywhere.

    When they first started selling them here about 5 years ago they had a big partnership with SARCO. The www.RockIslandArmory.com website was in fact owned by SARCO. Well, business went well but Armscor and SARCO didn't see eye to eye and RIA pulled out while SARCO's been telling folks for years that RIA is going out of business, left the States, had troubles, even changed the website so it made it look like RIA was failing, etc etc etc. Pure BS but what do you expect from SARCO?

    If you want to verify they're still around go over to http://forums.1911forum.com and look for a guy named Ivan on the Other 1911's forum. He's one of Armscor's folks here in the States. Good guy and really does the company good with their customers.
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    Good enough. I will let him know his information is incorrect. And I will give him the url to the other sight for Rock Island.
  6. The 1911forum isn't a place specifically for RIA's, just 1911's in general. However a quick search of gunbroker turned up many RIA's for sale and then there's also armscor's US website which can be used to find dealers.
    The local MCSports sells RIA's here.