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    I have always kept a few 20 lbs bags of oriental rice on hand. It stores easy, and it is easy to make. The Japanese army feed their troops on it all through WWII. (No uncle bens) You can also put all sorts of game with it. Or just eat it by it's self as it can keep you going all on it's own.
  2. That's not a bad idea, as long as you could keep it dry. I like rice myself.

  3. The Instant Rice, or Minute Rice, makes a great addition to the GHB or BOB because it can be prepared with hot water much quicker than regular rice. I keep a couple zip lock baggies of Instant Rice in my GHB and found it easy to prepare using Sterno or my Esbit folding stove.

  4. Being from the South we eat a lot of rice . We have rice put up (just in case) . If you have room in your freezer , put the rice for about a week to kill off the bugs that are in it from the store . We vacume seal some of ours ours . Rimfirehunter is correct using the minute rice in your GHB or BOB . At home in a survival situation you could empty a can of Dinty More beef stew in a pot of rice and it makes a good meal for everyone.
  5. You can dump a can of almost anything in a pot of rice. Other soup, chili, beans, and the list goes on. A very versatile staple food item with endless possibilities. :wink: :wink:
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    soak instant or converted in water for a couple of hours and you don't need to cook it.
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    I bought 5 20lbs bags of rice during the time of gulfwar #1 I used that stuff for a long time
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    i never thought of rice but its a really good idea
  9. We have rice , cream of wheat , different types of beans , pasta , grits .

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    SPOT, you just had to mention Cream of Wheat and Grits in the same sentence! Didn't you? [​IMG]
  11. I'm a Yankee and like Cream of Wheat and Grits.
  12. Cream of WHO????? Sounds like something you would find in a yankee eatin establishment.

    As far as Grits are concerned, nothin better than a bowl of hot cheese grits, grape jelly/jam with toast, couple fried eggs and slab of sausage to start the day out right.

    GRITS also deserve the utmost respect.... GRITS = Girls Raised In The South :)
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    cheese grits? for shame :( garlic grits are the way to go. although I agree with you on the fried eggs and sausage, mmmm good eating. As for rice, could live off the stuff anyday :D
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  15. Angel puts cream of wheat in the grits when she cooks them , it makes them creamy like they had been cooking for a long time.

    Get a rope fellas!!! :wink:
  17. Well after my last statement , I heard a beating at the door and when I opened it I found that it was the GRITS POLICE :shock: . I was politely but forcefullt told that I will never use grits and cream of wheat in the same sentence that it was a violation of a state code and a couple of local ordinances, and to never even THINK about cooking them together. When I came to laying face first on the ground they were gone . I just hope the bruses heal before I go to back to work. :wink:
  18. Spot,

    You got off easy! Could have been deported for such blasphemy!
  19. Spot, I am shocked that rimfirehunter didn't call together the posse to go get your arse for that... Whew! Dude, you dodged a bullet on that one! :lol:
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    A 40lb sack of oriental rice from a restaurant supply store runs under $20.00, vacuum packing is the safest way to store the rice but any dry air tight container will do. I have heard of the old south way of freezing rice and other dry veggies to kill off insects but have found that the moisture of freezing allows bacteria to form on the rice once its removed from the freezer contaminating your supply.