Richards Microfit gun stocks?

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    Anybody have one of these? I bought a new ruger 10/22 and a green mountain 20"X.920" stainless fluted barrel last night to start a new project gun, and now I need a stock.

    I love the looks of the microfits, but I have heard different things on the quality and delivery time.....Some guys had to wait months to get their stock, and some had to put in a lot of time with some sand paper to get the receiver and barrel to fit properly. I dont mind a little work, and think it will be fun finishing my own stock so I can say I really put the whole gun together....but I dont want a nightmare project on my hands.

    I cant post pics because I'm at work right now, and the stupid "barracuda network" wont let me get on that site......but if you go to you can see them. I want to go with the Microfit Tac-driver silhouette in the Tigerwood finish....I think that style and color will look great with a stainless barrel, stainless scope and receiver.

    So does anybody have one of these, or have any first hand experience with Richards Microfits?

    If I do order one, and it works out well...I may be in the market for a few more for my .243 and .30-06.
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    I like the Tapco t6 stock (put one on a mini14)

    The thing you need to worry about is the diameter of that barrel. You may have a lot of trouble finding something that fits the barrel. I would ask questions before buying anything.

  3. Langford

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    It says right on their site that they will cut the barrel channel to either the factory size, or the .920 which is the common bull barrel size for the 10/22. Most of the aftermarket stocks like boyds, cabelas, etc. are made for the .920 barrels because that is one of the first things most people upgrade on a 10/22.
  4. I don't have any personal experience but I think they look nice. I also liked the Royal Camouflage Laminate. I think I have a bone stock 10/22 begging for one of those stocks.
  5. Langford

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    That one definitely cought my eye too, but I think the tigerwood will look awesome with everything else being stainless. I think I may order one tonight, if it goes together fairly smooth, I will order a Royal Camouflage one for my remington 700 .30-06.

    They make custom stocks too, I wonder how a 995 would look with one? :lol:
  6. Im like you I don't mind tinkering with stuff. It says on their site that the barrel channel is 99% so you can do a "press fit" That might be why some are saying they had to do some sanding.
    I would rather have to do a little fitting to get a tight custom fit than to have the fit be sloppy.

    As far as a 995 stock I think it would look really cool to have a laminate stock like that.
  7. Langford

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    I think I may hold off on the 10/22 stock from them and just go ahead and order one for my .30-06. Im itching to tear into this 10/22 and I just talked to a few guys on rimfirecentral who said that they waited 6+ months for their stock, which I cant do. I think I may go with a Raptor stock now in the midnight color scheme, I can have that delivered to my doorstep in two days.

    As far as the .30-06 goes, Im not worried about how long that takes. When it gets here, it gets here. I dont shoot that gun very often, so if it does take 6 months...I really dont care.