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Ride'em Cowboy!!!!

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the first 3 minutes are useless, but the ending is just as gnarly as you can be....


NSFW because someone gets capped, but its not gratuitous
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To bad they had to damage a nice car!
That's wicked! Looks like something out of a movie!

And honestly, if someone was trying to drive off with you on the hood, what would you do?
if someone was trying to drive off with you on the hood, what would you do?
actually that did happen to me, but it wasn't a BG and i didn't have a gun. My buddy was stuck in the snow and I was standing on the front bumper holding on to the wipers. All of the sudden he got unstuck and floored it, we went about a half mile down the trail with me on the hood, holding onto the wipers, and screaming at him to stop. he didn't stop, he just kept on driving. scared the hell out of me.

but if i was that cop, i probably would have done the same. one wonders how and why he was on the hood in the first place, but once he was up there, he had little choice.
Holy crap. Dude has some cajones to even jump on the hood of that car.

A friend of mine was being stupid with another one of my buddies and was driving around the parking lot at high speed with the other friend on the hood. He was screaming like I've never heard before and when he fell off the front tire barely missed his head. He was shook up pretty bad but didn't have any major injuries luckily. That was one of the more stupid things I've seen done in my life.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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