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  1. There was a story on Fox 25 in Boston last night that was so silly. It was bashing the local police departments for trading in there weapons and getting a good price for them instead of destroying them. "Expert" after expert said they need to be destroyed because a couple have been used in crimes out of the hundreds traded in. They claimed "high capacity revolvers" were dangerous and that the Ruger mini 14 was a machine gun. I want a high cap revolver are a mini 14 machine gun!

    Guess what handgun they kept showing over and over as a trade in? The C-9 Comp!!! I was proud! They used it in the teaser to keep you tuned in during the commercial, showed a guy firing it at a range, and then a close up. It was a thing of beauty.

    I was going write them and say the C-9 isn't a trade in, there is no high cap revolver, and no mini machine gun, but I figured I will let them remain ignorant and the poor media that they are.
  2. Call their hand on it and ask for a correction on the story.It's fun to make them explain their sources.
    Good luck

  3. They would probably just ignore your letters or calls. The media sees it their way and their way only when it comes to guns

    Nice catch though
  4. it happens all over.... the story of the florida CCW holders who got into road rage gun fight, said one of them carried a 9mm semi-auto, and the other carried a 38 automatic. An AUTOMATIC!!!!????? OMG, now they are carrying automatic (read machine gun style) weapons????????

  5. Y'all sellin' high capacity revolvers in Boston and not tellin' the rest of us about it?? :lol:
  6. Ruger did make a select-fire Mini-14, the AC556. Semi-auro, 3 round burst, and full auto.
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    I think the problem here is the misunderstanding of the terms automatic and full auto [action]. That and agenda getting in the way of the need for the truth.
  8. High capacity revolvers, autos, and 9mms... so a 9mm is neither a revolver nor an auto huh... veeery interesting. Really disappointed in Fox here, they usually don't smear run this badly, infact are quite conservative, but in this case it's just sad.