rifle used on the rifleman show

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  1. Dane

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    Every Saturday morning on AMC they show the rifleman series.
    Does anyone know how his rifle is modified and functions?

    Was it a real rifle?
  2. Yes, it was a real rifle. Do a search on google and you can get one.
    rifleman's rifle

    I was partial to Steve McQueen's - Mare's Leg on "Wanted: Dead or Alive".
    mares leg

  3. tonka45

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    If you want alook alike, get a henry .22 with large loop lever.....

    CHuck Connors was actually an avid shooter. The rifle in the show was tuned of course to allow for the opening sequence of lightning fast shooting.

    Cowboy shooters today do some of the same things, a Rossi 92 lever action can be outfitted with a large loop also,,, MUCH cheaper than an original Winchester
  4. cicpup

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    Oh that doesn't sound safe at all. Someone's bound to hurt themselves. Is this even on the California approved firearms list? I feel sorry for the guy who's just trying to carry with one in the pipe. He'll run out of ammo trying.
  5. Dane

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    Thanks for the links. I have watched some of the shows where I wondered why the rifle didn't fire when the loop was closed, unless it was empty of course. The opening of every show is an example.
  6. undeRGRound

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    I always envisioned having a flip-out tang on the lever that would press the trigger when it was engaged. It could be folded back for normal use. Detents would be required to maintain the 2 positions. :cool:
  7. Outlaw

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    I think butter knives are still on the California approved list. :wah: This week anyways :rofl:
  8. They used to make toy cap guns that were 'Rifleman'. They did have a flip-out tang on the lever. They didn't /don't have a detent that I remember. I don't think they had a large loop lever.

    So you are on the right track, but does one really need a selective fire '92 Winchester? I don't think that the single shot would be used.
  9. Sad story about the debut of the Rifleman show. It was the talk of the neighborhood. How he rapid fired it and cocked it with one hand. So there i was getting ready to watch it and we lost power. I missed it! Damn! On my walk to school the next morning all Richie and Joey talked about was how cool the show was. I had nothing to talk about. I still feel the pain today. But I've gotten on with life.

    Yes it was a sad day for Davey.

  10. Then Davey got married, only then did he find out what is truly a sad day...
  11. Bamaboy

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    Plastic or metal cause the ecotards hate anthing plastic unless its bong shaped!

    Mares Leg my favorite so cool it's been in two shows Dead or Alive and Firefly
  12. Dane

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    Sorry to bring up those memories!:blush:
  13. As mentioned the rifle Chuck Connors used was a modified M 92 Winchester in 44-40. On the lever there was a tapped hole that allowed a adjustable screw to contact the trigger and fire the rifle when closed. There are a few times in the many shows he made where you can see him adjusting the screw.

    The thing I like about Josh Randals character in Wanted Dead or Alive is his Mares Leg is a 44-40 but the ammo on his belt are 45-70's. :D
    They sure look cool on his belt.