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    I have an opportunity to purchase a Remington Weathermaster in 30-06 from a friend of a friend. He is asking $350, but may be flexible on the price. I had not previously researched this rifle and was wondering if it was a good value or not. I have not been able to find very much information online for the Weathermaster, and I was hoping that one of the experts on here could enlighten me about them. Thanks in advance for any and all help. I will include a picture as soon as I get one and can upload it.
  2. Tyler-Durden77

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    This is the picture that was sent to me.

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  4. duster066

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    Can't help with any real knowledge on your gun except my opinion:

    350 which sounds negotiable for a 30 - 06 semi auto would be something I'd consider. If I could shoot it and it shot good, would weaken my negotiating resolve. I bought a Garand this past year. It's been 100%. 100% semi auto 30-06 is very very cool.
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    I'm sure you've checked but Gunbroker prices appear to be at least $100 higher.
    Otherwise, can't give you any useful info either.
  6. Visper

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    Looked it up for you, I have a few value books.

    $650 NIB / $500 Excellent / $400 VG / $300 Good

    Now, these are values based on a book. Things are worth what people will pay.

    I found a couple completed auctions on GB where a 7400 in 30-06 sold for $400-$500 so I would say as long as it looks good a functions properly, its a winner!!
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    Thank you very much. That is what I was looking for. I was only able to find 1 listing on Armslist. It was in Las Vegas for $750 and I figured that was sombody that really didn't want to sell.
  8. Visper

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    No problem, I love opening those books... well kinda, I start reading each description and values and before you know it, its time for bed...
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    I used to have the 7400 30-06 in wood many years ago. Excellent rifle and my trigger was pretty darned good. My son has one in .270 and has used it for hunting coyotes with his hounds for 20 years I guess. That is all off hand shooting at the coyote. And he rarely misses one offhand at 200 or so yards. He has no trigger pull problems either. I don't think Chuck Hawks tried another 7400. I have known others with these and no trigger pull problems.

    Look it over very closely, shoot it if you can before buying. If it shoots good and is in really nice condition, $350 is good to go I think.
  10. duster066

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    Like I said if it works you will like it.
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    i had a Remington wood-master 742, the bolt was an absolute joke barely functioned and when it did you were lucky to cycle 10 rounds through it at a time....

    with that being said your throwing the dice at this rifle.

    a few words of advice
    1: it is NOT a plinking rifle do not expect a high round count with good function
    2: it is a absolute pain in the ass to clean

    now this is just my experience which is a bad one you may run into folks who swear its the best rifle in the world

    Edit= 742 is the legacy version of the 7400. the 7400 is supposed to be much more reliable but i would not put my life on it if i had a choice
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    Are you in Vegas?
  13. Tyler-Durden77

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    No im in the Chicago area, the rifle in Vegas is the only 1 to come up when I did a serch of "Remington Weathermaster" on Armslist on my phone.
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  14. undeRGRound

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    Looks Like a good deal, TD! What is the capacity?
  15. Tyler-Durden77

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    I think its a 4 round capacity.
  16. beaglenc

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    What do you want to do with it?
    Hunt? Paper? What type of hunting? Expectations of the rifle? Etc.
  17. Tyler-Durden77

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    Like all of my firearms it would be used mostly for paper. I dont really have any expectations. I wasn't looking for a 30-06, but, the deal presented itself and I figured I'd look into it.
  18. duster066

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    I will repeat this. The only other semi auto experience I've had was 3 decades ago in the silos. Don't know what it was except it was wooden. It was like a star for that silo party. "Oh boy! Kevins bringing a semi auto ought six!" Part the damned seas it was destined to be paradise.

    I don't know what it was but it was a non functional POS. The 556 AK, yep they were around back then, the Ruger Redhawk, and the...umm...extra special other stuff kind of stole the show from the non functional 06.

    Note: I said a 30-06 semi auto that works. If you are a rifleman that'll make a believer out of ya.
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    I have a older 740 woodsmaster in 308 and its a shooter. I got a aftermarket 10 round mag for it and its fun to shoot but have to feed it surplus ammo cause it can get expensive. always keeping an eye out for the ammo deals and save the good stuff for the elk and deer hunting. You can get it for 300 its worth it.
  20. Tyler-Durden77

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    Thanks for all the help and suggestions everyone. I'm going to go for it. If it turns out I don't like it I can always sell it again.