Rifles i didn't know you could have in Calif found at LGS

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    here's some ballistics info between the two rounds

    .416 Barrett

    398 grain 3150ft/sec velocity

    8767 ft lbs energy


    800 grain 2895 ft/sec velocity

    14895 ft lbs energy

    The 416 drops about 70 inches less at 1000 yards...gets there in just a tick over 1 second (1/4 of a second faster than the 50) and only loses 855 fps in the process

  3. That .416 is an amazing round. Not as much energy as the .50 but i guess that all depends on what you need.

    The .416 is better for punching paper, and i imagine people in combat.

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    yep the .416 is just a necked down version of the 50bmg but has got more power behind it
  5. Makes sense, Another way to stick it to CA law makers. I just saw an article yesterday about the 50cal being so evil it should be illegal in all of the country.

    I do beleive thought the ATF already considers anything larger than 50.cal to be a destructive device.
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    I think it's funny that they want to ban the .50 caliber but can not point to a single crime committed with a rifle in that caliber. Why? Because the guns are large, heavy, and expensive both to buy and shoot. The .50 BMG isn't a gun that attracts criminals because nobody wants to haul around a 15lb low cap 5 ft long rifle that costs $1500+ and has ammo that is $3+ per shot for gang shootouts.
  7. They generally point to a few instances where someone shot a boarder patrol car. or a electrical tower from a mile or so away with one.

    But like you said compared to normal guns, they hardly EVER used.
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    I for one would love to see all firearms manufactures only sell the exact same firearms to the government entities in California that they allow the civilian population to own. I think that would change things real fast.
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    Realistically a .50 is a destructive device regardless of ATF regulations.
    One shot takes out a vehicle or a power transformer or a traffic light control box.
    Law enforcement has nothing to counter a lone wolf with a .50 cal
    The fact that it hasn't been done doesn't mean that it won't happen.
    It's not a drive by gun, it's a lone wolf stand off 'area denial' weapon and that is what they are afraid off.
    And rightfully so.

  10. They should be afraid of us, not the other way around.

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    A 50 is perfect for certain terrorist attacks with low probability but high severity. For example, if you want to cause havoc over a wide area, you can easily use a 50 to disable major autotransformers at key substations, from vantage points thousands of yards outside the sub(s). A well-planned and coordinated attack can blackout an entire region, bollixing up communications and tying up police and first responders. Authorities may not even know for hours that the blackout is the result of a deliberate attack. It can leave a region vulnerable to a second wave attack such as a "dirty nuke" or bio-agents.
  12. Bull

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    A chainsaw can have a lot similar effect.... Shoot, I could melt down a substation with a .22 for that matter...... Just another irrational knee jerk reaction to firearms when you ban .50.
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    It's really not that simple Bull. Loosing a tower or even several in a row, to a chainsaw is generally not as bad as loss of a major autotransformer, which may feed multiple transmission lines going off in many directions.

    A 22 can cause critical damage but it's nowhere near as effective as a heavy caliber weapon. Generally a 22 cannot get through thick steel, so its relegated to shattering insulators.

    And insulators and even structures can be replaced much more easily than autotransformers (the prime target of utility attacks, in the rare cases where they occur).

    The most effective means of substation attack is to punch holes through the auto's heavy steel oil tank. The oil both insulates and cools the internal windings. As the oil gradually ebbs away, the unit will short out internally or overheat - either way it fails catastrophically. Big units may weight hundreds of tons and take days or even weeks to repair/replace. And the attackers have plenty of time to bug out before the SHTF, provided the substation is remote and unmanned.

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    They're afraid of the general public having a rifle that can disable a Homeland security DHS urban assault tank.
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    Lol..... You forget what I do for a living... The transformers in substations (our AO anyway) all have critical temp alarms in them..... We had a pole fire within 2 blocks of a sub a couple of months ago, where two phases came into contact with each other.... The proximity to the sub created a load reading that the equipment kept pumping amperage into trying to compensate. We had a momentary 20,000 amp surge, which smoked the transformer. Like I said.... Lotsa other ways to skin a cat!
  16. Fortunately the .50 BMG is in common use and is very protected when it comes to the 2nd amendment.

    Note to self, check into getting a .50 BMG upper.
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    If you know where I can buy a 50bmg rifle for $1500 or even 2 grand, I'd happily pay the $5/rd for the ammo. I've seen one or two for just under TEN grand, but most tend to be in the 5 figure price range.
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    Cabella's has been selling 50 BMG ammo for under 3 dollars a round.

    Not any more cheapest is about 4 bucks a round now.
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  19. how does the ban work in cali? for example is it anything .50 and bigger? is the S&W 500 illegal too then?
  20. slade601

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    Why would the 500 be illegal? It doesn't have a shoulder thing that goes up or a very scary detachable mag.